Sunday, September 14, 2014

Zooma 10-mile training run!

Saturday morning was something similar to a race day morning, minus the crazy crowds, parking problems and everything else that comes with it.

I woke up at 6am, had the coffee pot set to start at 6:10. Time to get up, get dressed and lubed up (chaffing problems), grab my coffee and english muffin smothered with PB and out the door I went. I then got into my car for a nice drive down to the cape to join a group at a Marathon Sports store in Mashpee for a 10mile run.

I do have to say it wasnt what I was expecting. I was expecting more people I guess, and figured that those that have been appointed to be Zooma Cape Cod ambassadors to be there, but as far as I know, the 6 others that were there were not any of them. But I was there, and that was good enough for me.

There were two men there, Greg and Norm who were leading this small group for the run. Greg would run with us and Norm would be on his bike (not fair) in order to make sure everyone was ok, whether they were ahead or behind the group, in case anyone needed anything or maybe there was a need to go fetch a car. Luckily, none of that was needed, except the simple check ins, if there was a need for water or a GU.

For the first .80 of the first mile, surprisingly enough I was the lead. We all seemed to stick together, but Greg and I were sort of chatting it up about the area and part of the course for the upcoming 1/2 marathon. Before we got started, one girl had asked him if he was a 7min miler, and he replied "not right now" and that he would stay with the group, the lead part of the group and go from there.

Eventually I needed to take my walk break, especially considering I had been running for more than 5 min or more straight which is unlike me. Up until mile 2.5 I had a short enough distance between me and the rest of the group that I could still see them. But of course I suddenly felt like crashing, I could have started crying, for some reason my body felt that tired and awful. I wouldn't allow it though, I had driven this far to go more than 3 miles....10 be exact. So with a longer walking break, I got past it and was able to keep going. I had to push through the emotion, and leave it in the dirt.

I tried to maintain a consistent ratio of  1min run and 30 sec walk. There were a few moments where it was 1:30 run, 45 walk...with a little bit of bluriness...
And of course, around mile 4 I really had to Pee! Luckily we were doing an Out and Back route, so at mile 5 I knew we would turn around. Norm had checked in with me at one time, and he let me know there were some porta johns down at the beach, a little past the turn around point. Either way, I would have gone futher just to see the beach! It was pretty!

I also took that break time to have a GU. This would be the third time I took a GU. Peanut Butter again. Shortly after I started back up again I felt really nauseous, to the point that I could have thrown up. Norm told me to drink more water, that I need to drink enough to help the GU break down in my system. As soon as I did I felt better, less nauseous.  I continued to try my best to maintain my run/walk ratio, but there were times I felt sluggish. I dont know if it was just being tired or the GU. I felt nauseous a few more times off and on, not as strong, but it made me slow down and drink more water.

The second half definitely included more walk breaks than the first half, but I was going to make it through one way or another. The last two miles I went to a ratio of 1:1. I earned myself the nickname Ms. Consistency from Norm for my wonderful way of run/walking and maintaining my speed (sort of). Roughly the last mile, Norm and Greg met up with me, and Greg finished it up with me. It was really helpful and supportive of them both, and made me feel much better.

The other thing that wasn't helpful were the blisters developing on the side of my heel. More my left foot than the right.

In the end I am proud of myself for getting it done, pushing through the pain and tired-ness.
I treated myself with a fozen mocha from Panera then went home!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Trail Runners

Hello...yes I am still here! Are you? The few of you who will actually read this thing I call a blog once and a while!?

It has been a while and I have been doing better with my training...kind of. I have been increasing my mileage, and running, there were times i went out a few times in a week and sometimes going once a week. Not the best idea when training, but putting my best foot forward now. I also purchased a Garmin, my first. I have to say I really enjoy it. I do wish there were other features on it, such as pace timer, if I want be able to keep a steady run/walk ratio as well as being able look back on my laps. It only auto laps, so I only get to see how long it took me to run each lap as it happens.

First I am excited to say that there is now a Marathon Sports close to home! I never shopped there before, and there are local running stores, but this one is right down the street from work which is convenient. It opened a few months ago. They started with a ladies night/yoga night, they have held one Fun Pub Run and now they have started a running group! So that is a bonus.

Another bonus, while at the pub run I met a few people part of another running group called The Wormtown Milers. They meet up every Saturday morning and run a minimum of 3 miles, and others run longer, and there is also a leader of a couch to 5k group. It is pretty great! I have only been to one meet up, but I hope to continue with it, even if I still run solo it is a great way to socialize after the run with fellow runners.

I have discovered a love of trail running. Not legit trails, but rail trails. There are trails throughout Massachusetts, I know there are some in other New England states, but not sure about the rest of the country. Anyways, there are a few local trails either near work or home that I can take advantage of.

Thoughts of a runner always includes this scenario.... (thank you buzzfeed)
10. Oh, shit! A fellow jogger!
11. Should I wave?
12. I’m totally gonna wave.
13. OOOK, they didn’t wave back. Never doing that again.
14. Just keep running, no one saw. Except that old guy who may or may not be averting his eyes.

We all have experienced this I am sure...ok maybe not exactly this, but something along those lines. And ya know what I have found about "trail" runners, walkers and bikers.....almost all SUPER friendly, either with a smile, wave, simple hello or hey! Like we are good friends supporting each other. Since running on the rail trails, I find it harder to get myself out to run in my neighborhood. There is just something different about being out on a trail, somewhat secluded but with other people. Maybe that is what it is, the other people. Knowing there are others out there doing what I am doing..or i should say, being active in their own way, having something and someone else to focus on. 
do the math...that's right....9 miles total. boom. 
So with roughly 3 weeks to go until the first of two half marathons, what do you think I did. I got my first Sparkle skirt of course!
I am very excited to wear these with pride! I am also excited that I was able to find skirts to match my new sneakers, or was it that I was able to find sneakers to match the sparkle skirts I knew I would order? Which came first the chicken or the egg. hm.

Ok, I have gone on enough for an update.

Coming up: a 10 mile training run with some Zooma girls!


Monday, July 21, 2014

Back at it again

Yes it is true...i have taken yet more time off from running, yikes! I was doing pretty good last time I wrote, I have even signed up for another 1/2 Marathon in September. Which one you ask?
I am very excited, but also very nervous. It will have been a year since my last half marathon, so I want it to be even more amazing...well everything, the whole experience as well as my finish and finish time. So I discovered via a FB friend a training app called MyAsics. I used it for about a week, and then I got a cold. I couldnt run, it wouldnt have helped me get better. And of course I had signed up for a 10k the following week.

Here is a quick verbal recap with great pics!
So the race took place at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA, home to the New England Patriots!! I have heard of the race before, but just never signed up since it is in the beginning of July, which typically means high temperatures. And of course it was hot, but there was also a chance of rain which meant it was cloudy. So the weather was some what in our favor for a race starting at 6:30PM.

So my friends and I got there early, got to walk around and stretch for a bit. I saw the 5k runners start, there was a LOT of them! Even 5 of the NE patriot Cheerleaders were running.

The Finishers!!! Woo Hoo!
Then 6:15 or later approached we began lining up. I was not ready for this, but had some goals in mind, but knew if I didnt hit them, I would be ok with that. For the first 4 or so miles, leaving from the stadium parking lot, the race was in a residential neighborhood. And let me tell you, those were the best residents ever! Many of them were outside spraying their hoses and sprinklers at us runners to help keep us cool. It was mighty helpful and very much appreciated.

As we entered the back gate, the stadium was in our sites. Of course you think "I am almost there!" but in reality you still have roughly 1.5 or so miles to go. As you approach a stadium entrace (where you typically scan your ticket) there was a woman saying your almost there, which was kind of true...but still 3/4mile to go i would say. They then take you back into the parking lot and have you run what seems like a mouse maze. Then the big finale!
A run through the tunnel! The inflatable helmet tunnel! It was cool! Photographers are all lined up through to the finish, which of course I forgot to mention the race was called "Finish at the 50" so like it says, the finish like was on the 50 yard line! It was awesome!

free red, white & blue hat swag, fashionable
gracious residents!

and they had beer..

the end is in sight...but its not as close as you think!

a shot of the finish line!

a delicious and well deserved burger!

Finisher medal!!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

First of the Year!

Today was my first 5k of the year! It was the third year in a row that I have run this 5k, this was the first 5k I had run ever!
Trying to get back into running isn't east after 4+ months off.

what a beautiful day for a race day!
Getting back into race mode isn't always easy either. I was hoping to be more exciting and motivating, but I could have cared less. But I still tried pushing myself and completed in under 40minutes! I was hoping for at least 40, so I am happy.

I was really impressed with the volunteers today, they were awesome. There weren't many along the 5k course, but they were so energetic and it was great!

The best was at the end.
Most 5k runs do not have a finishers medal. This one did.
It was no ordinary medal.
It was a rock.

Look at all those  "medals"! Everyone got to choose their own "medal" which was awesome! Everyone is different in their own way, no one is the same when they run. We all finish with our own style!
Then it was home for a quick shower and then to my sister-in-laws for my niece's birthday party!


Thursday, May 8, 2014

National Runner's Month

Thank you Dicks Sporting Good's for reminding me that it is National Runner's Month. Based on my very most recent in the last hour, I am going to be even more determined to get out there or on the treadmill and put in the miles.
Also I feel the need to note that I have my first race of 2014 coming up in a little over a week, a week from Sunday! This will be the third year I have run this 5k, and I would like to try to match if not beat the time from last year, so I have a lot of work in little time!

So here is to National Runners month!

*How do you plan on celebrating runners month?
*Running any races this month?

Thoughts on your commute

Do you commute to work? Well, I am sure many of you do, but if you are lucky, it is short and sweet. In the past two months, since my husband and I have purchased a home, my commute has doubled and includes some traffic. Luckily it is nothing compared to what I could run into if I were traveling on the Mass Pike.
Anyways, I do enjoy the drive most of the time. It allows me to think of things coming that day, enjoy a little more of the morning radio show I listen to or even get a few songs from a favorite cd in.

Then there is the ride home, which I can also enjoy. It allows me to decompress from my day, especially if it was a tough one. The hard part is if I am planning on going for a run when I get home, I have the whole ride home to battle with myself. I may plan on running when I leave work, but in the time it takes me to drive home, I have somehow talked myself back in and out of the idea of going for a run.
You would think that no matter what when the weather is as beautiful as it is, I would want to go out, be outside and enjoy it! But somehow my mind has convinced me to stay in and relax.
And yes, sometimes staying in to rest and relax is fine. I always feel that there should be rest time involved, but that is considering that you are actually doing some sort of exercise movement or maybe even some heavy housework. If I find myself talking myself out of running, I tell myself it is to allow more time for housework, which of course I never do as much as I plan on.

What is even worse, is after much of the sitting around and watching tv, I feel the energy and motivation to want to go running, and well that isn't possible because it is dark out! I know there are many who run in the dark, but I don't feel safe or have the resources (i.e. body lights, reflector jackets).

I am lucky enough to have a friend with a gym membership that allows her to bring a guest anytime and as many times as she wants. So I think I will take part in that and use the dreadmill only as a way to boost my mileage in hopes that I will get myself back into the running mood and wont allow myself to talk myself out of it on my way home. I have also thought about brining my running outfits to work, change and then I will be ready to go when I get home. All I will have to do it put my purse, etc inside and then turn around and go back out!

*Have you found that having a long commute has worked against you and your exercise?
*How did you get past that?
*How did you increase your internal positivity?


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Getting blown away!

After breakfast....
YUM! If you like cream cheese, I highly suggest the Honey and Pecan Philly flavor!

Anyways, after breakfast, I let it all settle while watching some tv and some very light cleaning, aka, there is a piece of trash and a dust bunny on the they are in the trash, I got up and got ready for a run! Once I got out there I thought I was going to blow away. The wind was crazy! At one point it blew my ear buds OUT of my ears! It settled at one point, but of course once began a small incline, the wind was blowing against me.


I have to say that my running "mojo" as some like to call it is slowly coming back. I think for a time, a few months that is I dreaded going outside to run and so I didn't. I do live in New England where the winter was more the ridiculously cold...and snowy. But even as it warmed up, I said "this would be a beautiful day to go for a run....or take a nap!"

Short story: the nap won.

This week being April vacation for us educators...I took it as an opportunity to get things done around the house, sleep in, watch bad tv and get out for a run...well lets make the plural!
I am going to be honest and say that I do still struggle with getting my butt off the couch to go out, but its just like work (if you actually like you job) where you may not want to go, but once you get there, you are fine and ready to work! Well, same goes with running. I may not want to go, or be happy about it, but once I get the sneakers on, Pandora on, GPS on, I am out the door and feeling good!

I have been trying to make it worth my while as well. Not just to enjoy myself, build up those endorphins...but treat myself in the end! I mentioned this the other day, and I did it again today. I plan my run so that I will end at Dunkin Donuts and cool down with a -1 mile walk back to my house.
It makes the run much better knowing that, just like when you run a race and there is a medal at the end, there is an ice coffee waiting for me....or well someone to make it for me!

I mentioned Pandora, and what I love is that you can type in almost anything you want and it will make a station for it! To shake things up a bit, I decided to make a Reggae station...well it came up with Reggaeton (spelling??). It was good for the most part, not something I normally listen to, but it was upbeat and I enjoyed it.

The feeling of finishing and completing a run, of any distance should be a good feeling.

What gets you motivated to get out the door?
Have you ever "lost" your running mojo?
How did you bounce back?


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Running for Dunkins

America runs on Dunkins...that is the slogan, yes?
Well today I ran on for Dunkins.

I have two Dunkin Donuts within less than a mile of me, and the both of them are less than approx. 1/4 of a mile from each other. One of which is inside a gas station...
So I figured, what a great way to plan a run than with ending it with a trip to Dunkin Donuts for a little reward.
I use the Dunkin Donuts app, so I am able to pay with my phone which makes one less thing I have to carry with me. So I planned it out so I would get at least 2 miles in before hitting DD's

Today was definitely a better run than yesterday. I was more hydrated today and I also let my breakfast settle a bit more. The only thing I couldn't find was my patella(knee) bands. I had a bag that held a bunch of my running stuff, and I found some items, but not those. That would have been helpful, but I made it through!

I went out for a run, also wearing new capris. I got them from Walmart, which I don't typically care wear the gear comes from, as long as I works and does what I expect it to do. Well it did for the most part, but the waste band wasn't very strong or did it have much elastic to it. I actually got nervous that as I ran that they would slide down and reveal my underwear! But they did not, I pretty much was pulling on them every walk break, but I eventually forgot about it.

I try to pace myself pretty evenly when I run. This time around I found that most of the fire hydrants around town were pretty evenly spaced. So I planned my running time to every other hydrant, and only walking to the next one and repeating that for as long as I could.

I love my ice coffee. Besides a medal, this is the second best reward I could go for after finishing a race. Dunkin Donuts should have a Half Marathon. What an idea! They do say America runs on Dunkins, why not have a race and at water stops, have water, Gatorade and maybe even some coffee stops! how Amazing would that be!!!
There could be a couple different flavors to accommodate all tastes! OMG getting very excited about this idea! And the Medal at the end could be in the shape of an ice coffee! Eeek!!
 I can think of a few people who would agree, one of which is a facebook friend named Cynthia, she just turned 60 and is running 60 1/2 Marathons this year! how amazing is she!

Anyways, so I finished my run, got my coffee and then walked my way home enjoying the icey coffee-ness and a good cool down!


Monday, April 21, 2014

Boston Marathon 2014

Today is the 118th Boston Marathon! How Amazing is that! The very first Boston Marathon had only something like 18 people! 2013 had around 26k runners and this year has reached around 36k runners! With the attack on last year, the Marathon and runners around the world are stronger than ever!
As I sit here and watch the beginning, and now the end of the elite runners....I am in awe of them all! I watched as Ernst Van Dyke crossed the finish line in first place for the wheel chairs, then Rita Jeptoo of the womens elite came in 1st and set a Marathon record! Bostons own Shalane Flanagan came in 6th, setting her own PR for the Boston Marathon! Now awaiting the Men's finish!

All in all, they are all working hard, taking pride in this city and in themselves. Not only running for themselves, but for this city! I myself got out there, timing it right to watch all groups start and getting back in time to see them all finish! I cut my run time down because my knees were starting to bother me, and also weird thing was my toes, the middle ones felt like they were going numb.

*Update* Meb Keflezighi finishes for the Mens elite in 2:09!!! woo hoo!! The first American to win since 1983!

It is such a proud moment, no matter what place these runners come in, to see them finish, to see them finish with such pride and smiles on their faces!
I wish I could be out in Boston to watch this, but to be able to watch all aspects of the race at once on tv is better to me, to see them all! Maybe some day, I will be out there to watch. I don't know if I would ever run in the Marathon, if I did it would be in a charity group.

All I have to say is this Boston redemption, Boston strong, Boston free. What an amazing race it must be.

I knew getting out there to run today would boost that pride in me. Wearing blue for Boston, and my Boston "Run Now" bracelet.

How many miles did you run today?
Running Boston strong?


Friday, April 18, 2014

TMI Vlog Tag

So I decided to tag myself from a vlog tag from RunEatRepeat. Check it out.

Is there anything about me you would like to know? Ask me a bunch of questions, if I get a big enough of a response ill make another video response!



Thursday, April 17, 2014

(Almost) Perfect Playlist!

Lets talk about music. Most runners enjoy having music playing as they run, at an acceptable and safe volume of course. Sometimes getting the right mix of songs together can be tricky. Today I felt like going to a throwback, the 90's that is, well in this case 2000. For my car ride to work I chose to listen to Nsync's "No Strings Attached" album. Yea, those were good days.

When I got home, I went straight upstairs and got changed for my run. No stopping, except maybe to pee. I got outside, strapped on my shoes and set up my running app and Pandora radio. I decided to stick with my teenage year music. I set up a Nsync radio and off I went....or so I thought...

As I began walking down the driveway, while looking at my phone instead of where I was going, I stepped on a stupid pinecone and down to the ground I went! I didn't even want to look at it. If I looked it at, I am not squeamish or anything, but I would have somehow convinced myself to go inside and clean it and then I would not have gone back out to run. So I sucked it up, brushed myself off and went on. Once I actually began running I felt fantastic! I think I ran longer than I normally do before taking a walk break! I was so proud of myself! But of course the trade off is being more tired later.

Let me get back to my post title, so my playlist, well since it is Pandora the songs are random, but set according the station I set. It was awesome! All the right stuff, it had Nsync, Backstreet Boys, TLC, Britney Spears...and what would have topped it off would be NKOTB, but it didn't come up. There were a couple slower songs I could have done without, but in general, it was fantastic! I will have to remember those for when I need to create an actual playlist for a race or something!

Along the way I passes a bunch of walkers, I gave them a smile and even a Hello.

I am still discovering different areas of town to run in. This route I have run part of before, the other half I noticed great sidewalks on when I drove down that road. It does offer great sidewalk access, side roads and it goes past two schools that have a track  that if open I could access I am sure just to add some distance if needed.

 I finished, thought I had a great running outfit on today, which I thought deserved a photo. I went inside and prepared one of my new favorite snacks, not just for after runs but with my lunch as well. A good crisp and sweet apple with Peanut Butter and a chocolate hazelnut spread (nutella or any off brand!) YUM!!
Do you have a favorite post-run snack?
Do you even have a snack or just water/Gatorade?
What is your favorite song to run to?
Do you use Pandora, if yes, favorite station to play?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Runner Sighting!

Just wanted to share something really quick! As I was driving to work this morning I saw a mother-daughter pair out running together! They were all geared up for some cold running - thanks for the snow mother nature!
I even noticed the mom showing her daughter her Garmin, or well at least her watch, but she appeared to be someone who would have a Garmin. It was just amazing to see someone so young to be excited about running, and what a great way to bond!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Zooma Ambassador?? Choose me Maybe?

I have just filled out and submitted my application become a Zooma Nation Ambassador for Zooma Cape Cod 2014! I have never done anything like this before and look forward to what they have to say!

ZOOMA Ambassadors

ZOOMA ambassadors are active, creative, energetic, healthy living and/or running bloggers who have a positive influence throughout their community.  They are passionate about inspiring and motivating other women to empower themselves through running and embrace a healthy, happy, and active lifestyle.  ZOOMA encourages women from all fitness and running levels to apply!

Ambassadors use various forms of social media – their blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. – to promote the ZOOMA love online and throughout their running community.

Complete the form below to apply.

Thanks for contacting us! We will get in touch with you shortly.
I guess I will just fill my waiting time with some running. :)

Moment of Silence

Always Remember. 4.15.13
Run Strong.

Friday, April 11, 2014

A runner's thoughts

So I got so excited to tell you all about Skyrobics yesterday that I only mentioned my run.

In a recent post, I shared a link with a list of all these thoughts that many runners have while out on there run. I am sure we have all had our fair share of the ones on the list, and of course, one that always sticks with me is fellow runners...and of course food.

So on the route that I ran yesterday takes me along a main road in my town. And of course there is a Subway and two doors down a Domino's Pizza. Oh man did that all smell so amazing and delicious! I don't know what is worse, that or when I would run by a hot dog stand in my old town.

Then the other runners. I saw some bikers, well a family. it was one person who seemed semi-serious of a biker, but she seemed to slow down a little, which I found weird. But then two younger people followed, whom I can only assume were her offspring.

Anyways, as I was approaching my street, there was another runner sighting! Ok, so here comes that thought. Do I? or Don't I? Will she? or Wont she? Well as we got closer she maintained her focused running face, but then a thumbs up...make that two! I got so excited (on the inside) that I flashed back the thumbs up and added a smile to it!

I found it to be a great way to come to an end of my run (well almost the end). I find it provides us all with a sense of encouragement and confidence, as in, "you are doing a great job" or "you look great", "keep it up" and so on! I still remember when I went out for my first double digit run, it was Super Bowl Sunday of last year and I past a couple runners that day. One of which I remember didn't acknowledge that I existed, but I remember one who smiled and gave me verbal encouragement as well, and I returned the favor!
picture credit to

No matter the distance, and of course with other runners we will never now (unless its race day) the distance they may be going, but we are a community. And a community should support one another, like a family. I do understand that a respect is due to many out there who are out there no matter the weather, and then there are some (cough::me::cough) who hide their sneakers under the covers when it snows and rains....but no matter the level of commitment, its the fact that a runner has made the commitment that day to get out and run.

So when you are out running, don't be afraid to show a smile, a wave or even a thumbs up at another runner. As embarrassing it may feel to give it and not receive it, maybe it will pay itself forward. I will hope that that runner will take the recognition that they received and pay it out on their next run, or maybe the next runner on their route they see.


Thursday, April 10, 2014


Skyrobics, what is that? you ask.

Well, there are places called Sky Zone, a huge trampoline park. They have dodgeball, basketball, and just open jump. I even saw a foam pit where you can bounce from a trampoline into a pit of foam pieces. It looked awesome.
So they have groups together they pretty much are doing aerobics/boot camp type exercises on a trampoline, each person having their own individual trampoline.

this is not my group, just a picture I found online

As you can see, each person has there own bouncing space. There is one person who leads the group. We did lunges, sit ups, jogging and sprinting in place, high knees, ski jumps and a bunch of other stuff! The first twenty minutes we were doing all sorts of jumping around and then she says "ok, the warm up is almost done." Wait, that was the warm up!??
And eventually the medicine balls and stretch bands come out. There were 3 different levels for each, meaning in weight and in resistance. I of course went with the easiest I could, I am not going to lie. All I can say is my abs are going to hurt tomorrow.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone active, or even non-active. There is not pressure to continuously to the workout, if you need a break you take one. Going with a group of friends is always great encouragement and puts less stress on you.
They say you can burn up to 1000 calories! I was reading from other blogs and reviews and noticed more that have been able to calculate and it is more of an average of 600-700 calories burned. But of course this all depends on your fitness level, weight, etc.
So if you are interested in trying it out, look for a Sky Zone near you!
For Skyrobics, it is only $12 for a drop in class (it may vary depending on location). All you need is water, some workout/leisure attire and an additional $2. The extra $$ is for special socks that they require you to wear on the trampolines. Don't worry, they are brand new and for you to keep and reuse if you ever visit a skyzone again.
I would not recommend working out prior to skyrobics (unless you have a high fitness level). I made the mistake of thinking I would be ok of going for a run/walk today. I was very unaware of how intense the workout would be. I still did pretty good but I might have done better if I had not had gone running a couple hours before hand.
I do recommend it. It is tough, but who doesn't love bouncing on a trampoline! It brings out the child in you!
I was not compensated to write this review. These are my opinons.

Funny Story...

So my friend from work, Melissa and I had began run/walking together last year after work if our schedules allowed it. It went on for maybe 2 months and then the summer hit. We work in a school so when summer came it was break time, and we were off, well she was, I worked in our summer program.
Annyways....We started talking about it again this week and are trying to get back into it . So yesterday we decided to go for a walk, but with some speed. It was a great way to get us both out moving, and able to talk about work and what not at the same time. So we did roughly 1.5 miles, and then when we got to her car in the parking lot she decided to move it to where my car was. So from there I took off running to finish the lap around the school.

Here is where it gets as I am approaching my car, I notice her car is there and then pulling away. So I figure she has grabbed her stuff she left in my car and is going home, no biggie. I get to my car and realize my windows aren't cracked enough and my doors are locked. Melissa had held onto my keys. Here it comes....CRAP! IM LOCKED OUT!

So I start calling her, kind of panicked. No answer. damn. So I keep calling her while I look for a stick. Meanwhile there is a baseball game going on (im parked across the way) and no one seems to notice the girl trying to break into a car using a stick. So what feels like 10 minutes or so pass, she hasn't answered my 6 attempts, and I hear someone calling my name. It was Melissa! She had been on school grounds the whole time. Yay for miscommunication, neither of us were clear on what the other was doing. She thought I was doing more than one more lap, and I assumed she was just meeting me at the car. Annoying but hilarious.

So that was my Wednesday. (yes, I know this was writing on a Thursday) How was yours?
Do you have any funny running stories?


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Road Race To-Do List!

So in preparation of the "get my feet back on pavement" (just made that up now) movement, I have decided to take a look at future road races anywhere from a 5k-Half Marathon and highlight/schedule/register....whatever I have to do to get myself ready and psyched!

As a newbie to the town that my hubby and I have moved to, I also have a new route to work! I am familiar with the highway that I take, but not the surrounding stuff. Well there is a running store on the highway/route! It is called Miles To Go Sports. So I finally got a moment to stop in and check it out. The first thing I saw when I walked in was a table which had some different handouts on it, including the New England Runner Road Race Calendar 2014, and its FREE! (if its free, its for me!)

Anyways, I quickly grabbed that, browsed the store, talk to the women working there (owner?) about my break from running (stupid New England!) and wanting to get back into it! I left the store empty handed, with the exception of my calendar. It was a bit on the pricey side. I don't see why the lesser expensive running gear, which I use regularly would make my running any better! That's a whole other subject matter of course!

Anyways, so I have begun making a list. But of course, wanting to complete another Half Marathon is at the top of my list. There was one here in town today, which if I was more prepared I would have participated in, but I wasn't.

Here is my 1/2 Marathon To-Do list:

(Runners World Heartbreak Hill 1/2 & 10k)  - not really sure, never been good with a lot of hills, and also need to be careful since it is in June, so the weather might be a little warm - June 8th

-Zooma Cape Cod Women's Half Marathon, September 27th

-Smuttynose Rockfest - Hampton Beach, October 5th

Its not a long list, but there will be more 5ks and hopefully a couple 10k's to help with the training process. I look forward to the running season and all that comes with it! My chiropractor wont like it, but she knows what it is like to work with runners, "you cant make them quit" she said, which is almost true. I didn't quit, just took a break. If only you could have seen her face when I said I wanted to do another Half Marathon. hehe.

Well here is to another Monday and another running day! Get out there.


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sharing Saturday

Today I dub sharing Saturday.
I only have one thing to share. Ok, 75.
On facebook I have "liked" the Women's Running Community Page.
On Friday they share a link from the buzzfeed website. I couldn't stop laughing. I have had many of these, and some I am sure I will have in the future.....thoughts, yes we are talking about thoughts.
We all think while we run, and as a runner you are alone many times and end up talking to ourselves!

We talk ourselves through our day, maybe we had a rough moment that day, or maybe even an encouraging moment. But sometimes we are just out running, not a thought in our mind about the day, but as we run we see so much, or think about our running in general.

So here are "75 thoughts ever jogger/runner has while out running"
1. What a beautiful day for a [run]!
2. This sucks.
3. Well, five miles is only two and half miles each way, which is basically two miles each way, so I’m really only running four miles. That’s not too far.
4. It’s starting to feel far....
5. How long have I been running? A year?
7. I can barely remember what my life was like before I started this run.
8. OK, concentrate. There are still four-plus miles to go.
9. But who counts the first and last mile? This is pretty much an easy three miler.
10. Oh, shit! A fellow [runner]!
11. Should I wave?
12. I’m totally gonna wave.
13. OOOK, they didn’t wave back. Never doing that again.
14. Just keep running, no one saw. Except that old guy who may or may not be averting his eyes.
15. Man, I think I’m hitting that “second wind” thing my gym coach was talking about.
16. Wait, never mind. I’ve been running down a decline.
17. If I leap to avoid dog shit, does that make me a CrossFit athlete?
18. What the heck is CrossFit anyway?
19. Mental reminder: Google CrossFit when I get home.
20. If I ever get home.
21. If I had a heart attack right now, I wonder who would find my body.
22. OMG, I hope I never find a dead body. [Runners] always find dead bodies.
23. Bodies. Body. Bod-ay. Runnin’ all day, no one can catch … may.
24. OK, I must be halfway done by now.
25. What?! Only two miles in?
26. Alright, stay focused. What am I going to eat when I get home?
27. I’m running five miles so I should probably eat five slices of pizza.
28. Or I could buy one pizza and ask them to cut it into five slices.
29. I should probably get a side salad too.
30. …
31. F**k the salad actually.
32. Man, what are these people doing in front of me? Walking?!
33. Is this a contest to see who’s the worst at walking? Because you are both champions in my heart.
34. Maybe if I pound my feet on the ground they’ll hear me coming and let me pass.
35. Oh, God. They’re didn’t turn around and now I’m right behind them. They’re going to think they’re getting mugged by the world’s sweatiest criminal.
36. You know what? Now seems like a good time to run in the street.
37. * Jumps off curb * Parkour!
38. Hi hi hi please don’t hit me with your car.
39. Pedestrian pedestrianizing over here, let me cross.
40. Thank you, Mr. Blue Honda. I’m trying to smile at you but it probably looks like I’m having a stroke.
41. Actually, I wonder what I look like right now.
42. * Checks out reflection in shop window * Yeesh.
43. Is that what I look like when I run? What am I, a newborn deer with a drinking problem?
44. Whatever, I must be almost done by now.
45. Heck yes. Three miles down, two to go. It’s all downhill from here.
46. Except for that very real uphill in front of me. God damnit.
47. Wait, is that… Is that…
48. A DOG!
49. Hi dog! You are so cute. You are now my mascot. I will finish this run for you, pup.
50. And — hello — what do we have here? Your human is pretty cute too.
51. Hope you like drunk fawns, Cute Human.
52. Watch my bambi ass prance up this hill.
53. Holy shit, prancing is exhausting. I am exhausted.
54. Honestly, I don’t even like running.
55. Why do I even run?
56. Why does anyone even run?
57. Why are we even alive?
58. OK, let’s not go down that road.
59. Focus. Focus on that sweet, delicious ‘za waiting at the finish line, calling your name with its cheesy breath.
60. Wait, less than one mile to go? I am KILLING this run.
62. YES, including ostriches.
63. Honestly, I should sign up for a marathon.
64. What is it, like 30 miles?
65. That’s just 15 miles each way, which is practically 10, and 10 is twice five, and I can run five miles EASY.
66. That’s it, I’m doing it. Thirty miles.
67. Thirty mile marathon… 30 mile marathon…30 Rock marathon.
68. On second thought, I’ll probably just binge-watch every episode of 30 Rock. That takes a lot of dedication and I will be winded from laughing so hard.
69. But I could probably do a marathon IF I wanted.
70. OK, almost home. Should I shower first and order pizza or order pizza and shower before it shows up?
71. Yep, definitely ordering first. I earned that shit.
72. Oh, no. Oh god no. Another runner. Should I wave?
73. No, be strong! Do not get burned again.
74. OMG, SHE waved first! Hello! Yes! We are both runners! Look at us run!
75. I guess running’s not so bad.


I hope this made you laugh. Keep on thinking. Keep on running. Just Keep on.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Arm Band!!

I finally have a new arm band!! Thank you!

I am very excited to get to using it! But of course, the first beautiful days with amazing weather and I am working all day at my full time job and part time! It better this beautiful and amazing on Friday and Saturday and Sunday and so on!
With the weather being cold, wet, snowy and icy it has been tough to motivate myself back into running. I have been trying real hard by reading other runners blogs to get myself excited, but it was only temporary while reading it at night. But once the weather got nice this week I felt amazing and ready to go but unable :(

I am pretty excited since I can not only see the screen on my phone, but I can use the touch screen! It even has a slot for my key! no need to worry about jingling keys! I am very excited to use it!

Stay tuned!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Running Hyatis.....

Unfortunately it has been MONTHS since my last run.
I never updated, but my last run was on Thanksgiving 2013. It was a 5k that my sister and I did together. Took it kind of slow since neither of us, especially me the runner had gone running in a few weeks...or almost a month. (since my last 1/2 marathon in September)

Plus, thank you mother nature and my life in New England it has been an awful winter! Waay to much snow...and waaay to cold!

So as much as I hated not being able to go running, it has been hard to think about getting back out there! This past week has been pretty nice out which is a great change to see! So on Tuesday, I think, I got out there and did 2 miles! I was really pretty proud of myself.

Oh! I forgot to mention I am in new running territory! My hubby and I bought a house! That was another stressful process, which being able to run I think would have helped, but with all the snow, ice and cold, that wasn't happening!
So I am trying to get myself psyched up to go running, explore the neighborhood a little....I find myself reading updates by a blogger I enjoy "Run, Eat, Repeat" as well as my Princess friends' blog in which I must congratulate her on completing her very first Marathon this year! I am so proud of her! Since I met her, she has always been full of wonderful running wisdom, preparing myself for half marathons, giving me great positive energy and just making running such a better experience!

After moving into our new home and new town, as I have driven around and gone to work a new way, I notice a sign for a 5k at the end of the month! I definitely want to sign up just to help get myself back in gear. As I pulled up to a set of lights at the beginning of the week, I noticed a sign that said "Half Marathon" and of course I saw it just as I past it, so I didn't get to see where and when!
I immediately looked it up when I got home! It is in my new town! But unfortunately it is at the beginning of April, so I don't think I will have enough to train and bring my endurance up in time to do it.

I did find another one at the end of April, which I am thinking about, but I don't know. I want to do another one soon, but I need enough time to train but I don't want to wait to long and then it is really hot out! Summer races are not ok, maybe a 5k, but that would be it!

So I really need to focus on training and running. So lets cross our fingers for amazing weather!