Sunday, April 6, 2014

Road Race To-Do List!

So in preparation of the "get my feet back on pavement" (just made that up now) movement, I have decided to take a look at future road races anywhere from a 5k-Half Marathon and highlight/schedule/register....whatever I have to do to get myself ready and psyched!

As a newbie to the town that my hubby and I have moved to, I also have a new route to work! I am familiar with the highway that I take, but not the surrounding stuff. Well there is a running store on the highway/route! It is called Miles To Go Sports. So I finally got a moment to stop in and check it out. The first thing I saw when I walked in was a table which had some different handouts on it, including the New England Runner Road Race Calendar 2014, and its FREE! (if its free, its for me!)

Anyways, I quickly grabbed that, browsed the store, talk to the women working there (owner?) about my break from running (stupid New England!) and wanting to get back into it! I left the store empty handed, with the exception of my calendar. It was a bit on the pricey side. I don't see why the lesser expensive running gear, which I use regularly would make my running any better! That's a whole other subject matter of course!

Anyways, so I have begun making a list. But of course, wanting to complete another Half Marathon is at the top of my list. There was one here in town today, which if I was more prepared I would have participated in, but I wasn't.

Here is my 1/2 Marathon To-Do list:

(Runners World Heartbreak Hill 1/2 & 10k)  - not really sure, never been good with a lot of hills, and also need to be careful since it is in June, so the weather might be a little warm - June 8th

-Zooma Cape Cod Women's Half Marathon, September 27th

-Smuttynose Rockfest - Hampton Beach, October 5th

Its not a long list, but there will be more 5ks and hopefully a couple 10k's to help with the training process. I look forward to the running season and all that comes with it! My chiropractor wont like it, but she knows what it is like to work with runners, "you cant make them quit" she said, which is almost true. I didn't quit, just took a break. If only you could have seen her face when I said I wanted to do another Half Marathon. hehe.

Well here is to another Monday and another running day! Get out there.


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