Monday, April 21, 2014

Boston Marathon 2014

Today is the 118th Boston Marathon! How Amazing is that! The very first Boston Marathon had only something like 18 people! 2013 had around 26k runners and this year has reached around 36k runners! With the attack on last year, the Marathon and runners around the world are stronger than ever!
As I sit here and watch the beginning, and now the end of the elite runners....I am in awe of them all! I watched as Ernst Van Dyke crossed the finish line in first place for the wheel chairs, then Rita Jeptoo of the womens elite came in 1st and set a Marathon record! Bostons own Shalane Flanagan came in 6th, setting her own PR for the Boston Marathon! Now awaiting the Men's finish!

All in all, they are all working hard, taking pride in this city and in themselves. Not only running for themselves, but for this city! I myself got out there, timing it right to watch all groups start and getting back in time to see them all finish! I cut my run time down because my knees were starting to bother me, and also weird thing was my toes, the middle ones felt like they were going numb.

*Update* Meb Keflezighi finishes for the Mens elite in 2:09!!! woo hoo!! The first American to win since 1983!

It is such a proud moment, no matter what place these runners come in, to see them finish, to see them finish with such pride and smiles on their faces!
I wish I could be out in Boston to watch this, but to be able to watch all aspects of the race at once on tv is better to me, to see them all! Maybe some day, I will be out there to watch. I don't know if I would ever run in the Marathon, if I did it would be in a charity group.

All I have to say is this Boston redemption, Boston strong, Boston free. What an amazing race it must be.

I knew getting out there to run today would boost that pride in me. Wearing blue for Boston, and my Boston "Run Now" bracelet.

How many miles did you run today?
Running Boston strong?


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