Thursday, April 10, 2014

Funny Story...

So my friend from work, Melissa and I had began run/walking together last year after work if our schedules allowed it. It went on for maybe 2 months and then the summer hit. We work in a school so when summer came it was break time, and we were off, well she was, I worked in our summer program.
Annyways....We started talking about it again this week and are trying to get back into it . So yesterday we decided to go for a walk, but with some speed. It was a great way to get us both out moving, and able to talk about work and what not at the same time. So we did roughly 1.5 miles, and then when we got to her car in the parking lot she decided to move it to where my car was. So from there I took off running to finish the lap around the school.

Here is where it gets as I am approaching my car, I notice her car is there and then pulling away. So I figure she has grabbed her stuff she left in my car and is going home, no biggie. I get to my car and realize my windows aren't cracked enough and my doors are locked. Melissa had held onto my keys. Here it comes....CRAP! IM LOCKED OUT!

So I start calling her, kind of panicked. No answer. damn. So I keep calling her while I look for a stick. Meanwhile there is a baseball game going on (im parked across the way) and no one seems to notice the girl trying to break into a car using a stick. So what feels like 10 minutes or so pass, she hasn't answered my 6 attempts, and I hear someone calling my name. It was Melissa! She had been on school grounds the whole time. Yay for miscommunication, neither of us were clear on what the other was doing. She thought I was doing more than one more lap, and I assumed she was just meeting me at the car. Annoying but hilarious.

So that was my Wednesday. (yes, I know this was writing on a Thursday) How was yours?
Do you have any funny running stories?


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