About moi!

Hey hey hey!
I am 27, married, no kids (yet) and my hubby and I just bought our first home (February).

My husband Rich and I got married on October 15, 2011. I want to do it again! With him of course, but getting married can be so much fun!
A few things about me:
1. I LOVE Disney! Disney fan-addict here!
2. I love running
3. I don't like running (doesn't ever runner get this feeling?)
4. I don't like diets
5. I love fast food
Ok ok, I know I shouldn't love fast food, but I do enjoy it. But if you have ever become fit and ate healthy at the same time, you will find that you enjoy it more than the fast food.
6. I really really want to have a baby.
So that is something that we are discussing. Now that we have a home with more room than our 1 bedroom apartment had, it is going to happen.(I will stop myself here, I could trail on for a while)
7. I am a dork
8. I love running in a tutu
9. I love ice cream
10. even though not many people read this, I enjoy writing it!
11. I am (as my husband would say) a huge dork.
The end.....for now

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