Sunday, July 9, 2017

More waiting

The IVF journey continues.
I don't recall what information I ended with in the last post, and I am going to be honest, I am just to lazy to check!

Since then, or maybe once i posted the last one, my husband made a trip to the Urologist. From that appointment the Doctor wanted him to get blood work done to check hormone levels, an ultrasound of his "area" and another semen analysis. The blood work he was able to get done that day, and results came back....low Testosterone. yay.
While we were there we scheduled his ultrasound, which they had an opening the following week..and of course they only do them on Wednesdays. But he had another appointment with a different, unrelated doctor that same week. So we opted for July 5th...not even thinking, oh that's the day after the 4th. That thought came a day or two later, and too late to get an appointment on the 28th of June. So that pushed it to this coming wednesday the 12th.
With that being said and done, I had to push my follow-up appointment with the Doctor at Boston IVF to next Monday the 17th.

So then this past week I went to the IVF office to give them my new insurance information, and inquired about getting consents signed. The nurse said we could but it wouldnt do anything since the Doctor wants to get all the test results together before putting together our IVF plan. So we have to wait.....

But WAIT there is more waiting! Once the plan is made, that along with whatever other documentation is needed, will get submitted to Insurance, which then takes 2-3 weeks for approval!

Oh boy! So for about a month or so I am thinking, ok, maybe in July we can finally get this started...injections/medicines and all....but no. The process will get started, but that is just the paperwork...and the waiting. I am hoping that all is good and goes through in time to get started in August.

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