Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cape Cod

Today was the end to my short, but relaxing vacation to Cape Cod with the family.

I was disappointed that I couldnt get more than one run in last week. I was terribly busy. Monday I had work and a meeting to go to that night, including my Personal Trainer Consultation in between. Tuesday through Thursday I had work during the day, then 5-10 I was at my part time job every time. Because I had so much to do in order to get ready for the weekend, I only got myself to the gym once for a run, showered then went straight to work for the eveing. It was Crazy! Even Friday morning, I woke up early to do some laundry and go to the grocery store before packing up the car and heading down to the cape.

I origionally planned to go for a run while I was down there, but I just couldnt. We had such a short amount of time down there since I had to be back at work Monday, that I wanted to relax as much as I could. But then I wish I had. My sister had brought a bike down with her and my parents. So I could have fit one in while she went on a bike ride, and could have tagged along, even if it was a short and slow paced, but that would be ok!

Oh well. My hubby and I are home now. I have a plan to go to the gym everyday this week, running 3 times, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. I will go on Friday as well. Tomorrow I have work and then heading into Boston for the Coldplay concert with my cousin. Then Thursday I have work in the evening as well. So I will get my long run in on saturday. I want to hit 4miles for my long run, get myself back into a training schedule, as well as work on some strength training.

Also while I was at work, The Christmas Tree Shop....I couldnt resist!!!
I got them with Cinderella as well!!!

I hope that they will fill me with my Princess Running Spirit!!
I hope I can find others of other Princesses....the search is on!!

"If you had a chance to change your fate, would you?"

Monday, July 23, 2012

Health Education

Today was my Personal Training Consultation at my gym, BoostFitness. It was more of an educational sesstion than just " you need to do this and this, to be able to do this with your body..yadayada."
The trainer, Brian, talked a lot about BMI and Body Fat %, as well as what you are burning when you are running, and all that. Just because my BMI says I am obese, means nothing! According to his BMI he is obese, and he looks fit as a fiddle! It is more important that your Body Fat % is less than your BMI. I am a BMI of roughly 29, and I have a body fat of 33%. So it is more important to know what your body is made up of, than a number on a scale. You may have a high weight, but look at the it because of the amount of fat that is making up your body, or the amount of lean muscle you have. At least that is the way it processed in my head!

The other thing, which is really important for those runners...just in case there are runners who dont know, which I was not aware! When running, as you know you need energy ( i knew that!) but when you run, in order to keep up your energy you are burning carbs...good thing right? well kind of...but once you run out of carbs to burn, you burn your protein...but what about that darn fat we all want to get rid! you are barely burning any fat when you run....and you burn even less the harder you are breathing.

So yes, running is still good for you, it helps you with your cardiovascular...but thats it. In order to improve, burn fat while building lean muscle, you need strength training. Work on building your core, your arms, your legs...any kind of strength/resistance training. And when doing any type of excercise, you need to change and step up your work outs in order to maintain any weight loss and muscle strength. If you continuously do the same work out over and over again, you will never get anywhere. Your body will adjust and get comfortable and as Brian says "plateau."

Brian then proceeded to have me warm up, I chose to go on the treadmill for 5min..then get educated in some moves. He had me do some squats...yikes! Squats arent so bad, until you find out you arent doing it 100% right, along with your lunges. "It's all about the 90 degree angle" in your legs.

Anyways, a couple more "core" strength training, more like a "test", exercises, and I was done. I wish it had been a bit longer. The session was only an hour, but half of that was spent talking and giving me a lesson. But it was all very helpful!

Needless to say, I am still looking forward to my training for the Princess Half as well as working on my strength training.

"You must plan for the future, boy. You've got to find a direction"

Friday, July 20, 2012

Fitness Boost!

Today was a busy day..and it isnt over yet!

I started my day off at the salon for an appointment, then I had to go to the RMV for my 7D license. My estimated time was 27min, but I wasnt called until after approx. 40min. I then had to pay to take the test...TWICE, because I failed the first time...which sucked! then I had to give them another check so they can send it out to print up a piece of paper or whatever it is for the license itself! So I was there for about an hour and a half! It sucked..but only because of the waiting, and because I know I will get reimbursed for getting it by my employer.

Then I went to the gym. I got to do my work out first before I signed up since the front desk girl was out for something. So I got my 3miles in, and it went great! I didnt feel out of breathe at all or really that tired. When I signed up for the gym membership I also set up my free Personal Trainer consultation, so during that I hope to set up a system for my training, and hope to incorporate the Jeff Galloway training program for the Half Marathon!

After the gym, I came home and showered. Then had to go to the grocery store to get a few things to get through the next week before we go to the Cape for the weekend. Now I am home, having some waatermelon and a couple other healthy snacks before I have to go to work at my part-time job tonight at 530. At least I have the rest of the weekend off to relax.

Monday I have work and my consultation and then a meeting in the evening. The next week will be busy busy busy. I have work in the evening three days in a row, including my full time day job. I want to fit in some workouts, as well as packing and trying to get some laundry done before we leave next friday for Cape Cod. I am really looking forward to some time on the beach for about two days.

Who knows, maybe I'll get in a run in at the Cape! Ill keep you all posted!

The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all."

Monday, July 16, 2012

Hot to handle!

So this week is pretty much a no running week....way to hot! Plus I havent joined the gym I trialed last week yet so I can go back yet to use the treadmill. So I decided to use my HipHop Abs dvds today, did a 45min Total Body Workout! It was great, I sweated and felt good. I had the AC on, but not to low so I wouldnt feel to much of a cool.

Anyways, so I did my workout and plan on doing my DVD workouts everyday this week just to keep up some kind of stamina! I am joining the gym on friday, and will hopefully fit in a workout on friday. Then be able to get a long run in on Sunday, and two more runs next week before I head to cape cod!

What will be good is that with joining a gym I get a free hour of personal training, which I can use to my advantage in terms of getting a good training plan together for the Disney Princess Half Marathon! I want to use the Jeff Galloway training program, which I am going to bring with me and see what we can do with it! But as the weather cools, I really want to make sure I get some running in outdoors. There is totally a difference in running on a treadmill and running on pavement. I cant wait to run in the fall! Fall is my favorite season!!

No training program up yet for Jeff Galloway for the 2013 Half, but I had printed out the 2012 Half Marathon when I first found out about the Princess 1/2, so I have been trying to follow that...but I need to get a little more strict with myself in following it, which I think having a trainer in a gym help me with it I should be good!!!

But as HOT as it was today and inside our apartment, I still had to come up with something for dinner. Pork it is! And I had purchased a Grill Griddle a couple months back that I wanted to use. So I whipped up a Pork concoction and maaan was it delicioso!!! Yum Yum, so flavorful and moist! It was marinated with some Sun Dried Tomato dressing, lightly breaded, put on the grill griddle and topped with a tomato onion mix! So good..and I am not normally a huge Pork fan....I was absolutley ecstatic as I began eating it, could not get over how good it was!
I wrote it up, so if anyone would like to give it a try...just ask! as it goes, this friday I will be back on the treadmill..and as soon as the heat settles, I can do some running outside!

I plan on registering for the Princess Half Marathon in August, which then I can get my hotel and hopefully my flight settled!


"Like a cloud, you are soft. Like bamboo, you bend in the wind"

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy Friday the 13th! I write this on Saturday the 14th, but it is about my day of Friday the 13th!

It all started well, with a trip to the gym for a 3mile run. Went very well! I find that I can push myself a little more on a treadmill, which also makes me nervous for when I get back outside to run where I cant monitor the pace I am going and making sure it is consistent. I am also worried that I might not push myself as much when I am outside, but I am hoping that as I get further into my training that it will get better.

I was dissapointed that my Pandora app didnt work so well on Friday though, but luckily the music at the gym was playing loud enough and was of high enough energy that it was to my liking. And I think what I have mentioned this before, I really like the fact that on a treadmill it is very straight forward and no hills, I try to change in the incline a little just to add a little challenge, but I find it easier to get myself going if it is more of a straight road.

So anyways, I finished my run, did a little exercise on a couple machines and made my way home. I took a shower, packed up a cooler and put on my bathing suite. For Friday was my Mothers birthday, and we were going to Breezy Picnic Grounds and Water Slides with my sister, father, cousin and couple of my Mothers friends. So I got everything together, and remembered I wanted to bring a small bag of laundry to do at her house after while there for dinner.
I start on my way to Breezy, which I have never been to before, so I am trusting the directions I got from MapQuest.....I end up somewhat lost. But I pulled over, called my Mother who was already there, and tried to figure out where I was. I started getting really frustrated and was awful! I was ready to turn around and go home! I ended up driving in a circle, pulled over and asked for directions..."Oh just go to the right here, and drive straight. Go straight through the four way, it will be on your right."

So I did as I was told and I was there...frustration over? I think not!! I park my car, turn around to my back seat to grab my cooler with my lunch, water and snacks.....NO COOLER! I realize I had put it down to go grab my laundry then went straight out to my car. So now I cant just go back home, I am not at least 30min away. So I went over and met up with my family and that was that. The rest of the day was great! We had a lot of fun...but my Friday the 13th had a rough start...

"To die would be an awefully big adventure"

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Beat the Heat

Since the heat is hard to beat...I have decided to try out a gym! Many gyms allow you to come in for a week for a free trial, and I take full advantage! So I went to Boost Fitness for the first time today for the main use of the treadmill. I did pretty good. I figure it is a good way to get my runs in and not die from heat. I was then able to use some equipment to throw in some extra fitness in there!

What I thought was really NEAT was that the treadmill had a 5k button on it! So instead of setting a time, or having to keep tabs of how far I was running, I just had to hit 5k and start, then set my pace and incline and go! I figure the best way to bump up my training is to run 3miles during my tues/thurs runs, and then the long run, whatever the schedule says..on sundays.

The only thing I ask for is support. I know I could just do a half marathon around home, but I dont want to! I want to go to Disney World, the best and most magical place on earth! I want to see the new Fantasy Land they are building! I want to run like and as a Princess! Is that to much to ask. Currently my hubby and I are talking about trying to go buy a house, we still need to go to the bank as well as actually go look at houses. So by going on this trip, I will have to spend money, money which I know I should be saving towards the house. But when I want to do something, I really want to do it!
I also want to make sure I accomplish this goal before we have children. I know I can always try to do this after I have children, and many of you well accomplished women out there are running this and have children of your own! But knowing my life it will be to hectic with children...but who knows. But I would rather do it know, knowing I can accomplish this than later. Does that make sense!??

Sooo..anyways, I am doing all I can to research making this trip cheap and affordable, and hopefully I can convince others to join me!

Is anyone else experiencing feelings like this?

"All you need is a little faith, trust, and pixie dust"

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Are you a registered Princess?

......I am not. I have not registered yet, unfortunatley!

But at noon was the opening of registration of the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon in Disney World on February 24th 2013! It is the 5th Anniversary of this race and I am very eager to sign up and run this for the first..and certainly not last time!

Check it out!

I am still trying to work out some details top make sure it is 100% possible for me to do..not even so much being able to do the race because I know that I have plenty of time, and with plenty of training I can do it! It is just being able to make sure I can afford this trip, even if it means convincing family to come with!

Anyways..I am really excited!!!
But now I have more time to think about which Princess I will register as when I do register, probably Ariel, but who knows! OMGICANTWAITTOREGISTER!!!!

Fairy tales do come true. One mile at a time.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pushing myself

So yesterday I decided to extend my run a bit and push myself as well as take advantage of the straight road. Still being at my parents house, they live approx. 1.5 miles from the town line. So I figured I would use this as a half way point, and run to the town line then turn around.

I was hoping that it would make a 3mile run, but I was just shy of 3 miles. But I am sure glad that it was not as hot and humid as it is today. I think I saw the temperature was at 84degrees, but man it still felt really hot!

Anyways, it was a pretty good run, but I felt that it was faster than my pace outcome. So I am a bit dissapointed, but still proud that I pushed myself a bit for my "short" run. I just wish it wasnt so warm and hot!

So the fact that I have begun this journey to reach the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon, I have been looking at the RunDisney website non stop. Registration starts on tuesday, I will not be registering that first day. I am still trying to figure out if I am truly able to do this, and I am more sure than I seem....I have like 6months to train! But I also need to make sure that I can fund my way, and I am hoping that I can talk some family members into coming and splitting the cost! hehe.

I have also been thinking about what princess I would dress myself as...and I am leaning heavily onto Ariel. I remember as a kid, my sister and I would always pretend to be mermaids when we would be swimming in the pool, swimming like we had a tail. It was always a lot of fun...haha! Im thinking of making my own tutu with greenish colors like her tail, and somehow making a shell-looking bra like the one she wears. Im sure when the time comes, so will pictures. They will probably show me making and of course wearing it! It is one of the most exciting parts of the whole thing...being able to dress up!

"I dont know when, I dont know how. But I know somethings starting right now"

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Change of Scenery

This week my hubby and I are staying at my parents house to take care of their dog Skipper, and three cats while they are away for their 35th Wedding Anniversary! Im wicked jealous, they are going to Tortola and are swimming with the Dolphins, which is something I always wanted to do! When I went to Disney on my honeymoon I had signed up for the Dolphin Encounter they have at Epcot, but it was cancelled for some reason,so I was rather dissapointed.

What I like about running around my parents place is its on a nice straight and flat road, for the most part. Where their house is located, it is at the bottom of a hill either way you go. So the start of the run is always up hill, but I guess I would rather end my run going down then up! So it was a little bit of a rough start, got a little huffy puffy, but once I got my first walk in at the top of the hill I was fine. The road straightens out and stayed flat.

It is a beautiful day out today for a run. The road was 50/50 with sun and shade which made it nice. The only concerns I have is there is no sidewalks, just all road, so I have to be careful of drivers, and luckily there aren't ny crazy turns where you cant see a car coming. I dont like to run where there is no sidewalk, but I dont let that get in the way of me running! A runners gotta do, what a runners gotta do!

After my run, I was going to take the dog out for his walk which is also down the road, just in the opposite direction. But as we started making it down the road, I had turned around and noticed one of the cats had followed us. My mother had told me about this particular cat, Pippin's the name, doing this. I completely forgot she was outside, so we had to turn around so that she would go home. So we walked back and just walked up to the neighbors house who lives behind us. So it was a short walk, but then I played ball with him. Skipper seemed pretty happy with that.

I was excited to see that I cut 10seconds off my pace time, I think that is due to having more of a flat road to run on, but Ill take it! I am hoping to run the same on Thursday or Friday if I can. Then it is back to the old road that I am used to at my home.

"All dreams can com true, if we have the courage to purse them"