Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Change of Scenery

This week my hubby and I are staying at my parents house to take care of their dog Skipper, and three cats while they are away for their 35th Wedding Anniversary! Im wicked jealous, they are going to Tortola and are swimming with the Dolphins, which is something I always wanted to do! When I went to Disney on my honeymoon I had signed up for the Dolphin Encounter they have at Epcot, but it was cancelled for some reason,so I was rather dissapointed.

What I like about running around my parents place is its on a nice straight and flat road, for the most part. Where their house is located, it is at the bottom of a hill either way you go. So the start of the run is always up hill, but I guess I would rather end my run going down then up! So it was a little bit of a rough start, got a little huffy puffy, but once I got my first walk in at the top of the hill I was fine. The road straightens out and stayed flat.

It is a beautiful day out today for a run. The road was 50/50 with sun and shade which made it nice. The only concerns I have is there is no sidewalks, just all road, so I have to be careful of drivers, and luckily there aren't ny crazy turns where you cant see a car coming. I dont like to run where there is no sidewalk, but I dont let that get in the way of me running! A runners gotta do, what a runners gotta do!

After my run, I was going to take the dog out for his walk which is also down the road, just in the opposite direction. But as we started making it down the road, I had turned around and noticed one of the cats had followed us. My mother had told me about this particular cat, Pippin's the name, doing this. I completely forgot she was outside, so we had to turn around so that she would go home. So we walked back and just walked up to the neighbors house who lives behind us. So it was a short walk, but then I played ball with him. Skipper seemed pretty happy with that.

I was excited to see that I cut 10seconds off my pace time, I think that is due to having more of a flat road to run on, but Ill take it! I am hoping to run the same on Thursday or Friday if I can. Then it is back to the old road that I am used to at my home.

"All dreams can com true, if we have the courage to purse them"

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