Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mid Day Run

I had nothing to do today until my part time job at 530pm. So I figured the best way to break up the day is to go for a run at 12, well really 11:45, then take a shower have something to eat and relax.

My run was good. I had purchased this Blister Kit to help with the blisters on my instep, and it really helped! I felt a little friction on my left foot, but nothing worth crying about. Anyways...on my run, I ran past another runner. It always find that it gives me a bit of a boost when I see someone else running when I am. We gave eachother a little friendly wave, and continued on. Of course I saw the man again when I rounded some corner, and he was shirtless and had gained some speed!

I on the other hand continued with my steady pace, began getting tired...but pushed on! I am really glad I went out for a run though, I was feeling super lazy and tired sitting watching reruns of Gilmore Girls all morning.

The other thing in my life is my husband and I are trying to get all the paper work together to go to the bank to find out how much we can get approved for if we were to get a loan for a house. Its just another one of those over whelming things. I and my mother have been scouting out houses online, but I dont want to take that step to look at a house before I know what we can be approved for....I dont want to take that risk of finding a house I really like and not being able to afford it!

Since I have become a runner, finding a house with a child friendly and a good running area that I could get in the groove with. But I wouldnt say that is a priority.

"If your heart is in your dream, no request is to extreme"

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