Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My First Blog Entry....getting a running start!

Okay. So a few couple months ago, I want to say in April, I discovered the most wonderful thing....Disney's Princess Half Marathon!
So ok, whoa!
I am not a runner of any kind...but the moment I saw it, I said  this is a must do!

I started researching, as well as reading other bloggers of Disney/Running love, and became inspired..and hit the pavement! I must say...I am in much better shape now than I was when I was in high school. I played field hockey my freshman and sophomore year, and had to run a mile or two before practice 5days a week. I was AWFUL! Always the last one to finish the run, never got below a 18min/mile most likely...

I got married to my Prince Charming on October 15, 2011. The spring before I had been running on my street, which the distance I was going was approx. .88mile, and ran that in about 11minutes. I joined a gym March 2011, number one being to lose some weight. I was using the treadmill a lot, along with crunches and other random machines. I never checked to see if I lost any weight, but I dont think it mattered since I severely slacked off about two months before the wedding. Needless to say, I still fit into my dress and looked FABULOUS!

And of course...we went to DISNEY WORLD for our honeymoon, and it was a blast!

So now...have been married for 6months, and feeling self conscious about my weight again, i felt it would be great to start running again. Nothing outrageous, but small to start. So I began the usual routine from our apartment to one end of the street and back.
Once I discovered the Disney Princess Half Marathon I began reading about Jeff Galloway, and all the tips he and other experienced runners had for beginners. I knew I had to start running at least 3times a week in attempt to follow the Galloway training plan. I also invested in a few pieces of running apparel, some shorts/pants, and tank tops.

Once I began running for at least 30min, typically turns out to be 27-28mins...twice a week, I found myself running around a 13min/mile on average. So I have surprised myself! I decided it would be important to find myself a local 5k to participate in, and I found the LUK, Inc. 2nd Annual Run/Walk/Stroll in Worcester, MA.

It was probably almost 80 degrees that day, but I completed it in 46min 10sec. Not bad for my first 5k, in the heat..and the fact that I practically walked the last mile. But the important thing is that I finished!

So all in all....in my somewhat long ramble of an introduction, I am determined to get myself in shape, shed some weight, and be 1/2 Marathon Ready by February 2013.....I also need to figure out how I will do this financially. But that may just be another chapter.

For now, I will leave saying that I am glad to begin this journey, knowing I have friends and family who are supportive...as well as you fellow runners, Disney lovers/enthusiasts.....I find inspiration and confidence in reading your blogs and hearing about those days when you just didnt want to run, but you did, or those days where you have had one of the best runs ever!


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