Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Circles in the Park

I have been on vacation from school since Friday....it has been nice. Ive been able to do absolutley nothing! As well as catch up on some jewelry making for a Vendor Fair I am participating in in September, as well as allow myself to get running in or schedule when I will run to make sure I do it.

Ive been able to schedule things that are otherwise harder to do because of work and limited hours. So today I was meeting with someone about my 403B, which just so happens to be down the street from a Park in Worcester. So I figured what a great plan, go to the meeting then go run!

My meeting was at 11am, but somehow lines got crossed and the woman I was suppose to meet with assumed we were meeting at a different location, even though I specifically said in our emails I would meet her at the central location! Whatever....so we rescheduled to 1pm. So I figured I still have time to run, go home, shower and return.

Anyways, so the park is not even a mile around, roughly .84 mile around. Which means I would have to go around 3times just to make at least 2miles. My ultimate goal wasnt distance, but running my 30min. Of course I was worried since I have developed some a  blister on my instep on each foot, so I decided to try to tape the one that was worse, but I could feel it falling apart maybe half way through.

The other fun thing was before my meeting, well on my way to the origional time of the meeting my tummy was feelin a little wonky, which made me nervous about running. But after sitting and waiting for a few minutes, then finding out that we would need to reschedule, my tummy was better.

It was a beautiful day for a run around the park, it was great, a little warm at times...but there were equal amounts of sunny and shady areas around. There werent to many people walking around, just your typical Bum on the corner asking for money from traffic driving by and stopping at the lights.

So overall it was a fine run, I dont want to say it was good, but fine...just in the middle.

"For every to, there is a fro, for every stop there is a go and that's what makes the world go round"

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