Sunday, June 24, 2012

Heat Wave

For the past few days good ol' Massachusetts has been in a heat wave...roughly 90-95 everyday...Wednesday through Friday. I am pretty sure that Saturday was pretty high, but I never saw a thermometor to find out, when I did it was after it had rained, which made the temp drop to 77 degrees, nice a cool!

Because of the heat I didnt dare go out for a run, no thank you!

Luckily, today it decided to cool down to at least 80, maybe below. Today was a day of just laying around, was in bed til probably 1:30, just watching tv and spending some quality time with the hubs. We went out to run some errands and get lunch finally, came home and watched tv. And then took a nap...havent been this lazy in a while. I slept for about an hour, getting up and going out at 5:15. It was time to get my but in gear and my feet moving.

Today is a long run day, and I really wanted to get in 4miles. I almost made it tooo. I was doing well, keeping a steady pace, no leg pain, but maybe half way through my run, I could feel the blisters on the insides of my feet. It is that part of the foot the curves. I probably should invest in some socks that are more fit for running to help prevent blisters.

Appropriatley enough, when I was in college, I was getting blisters from dance, so I purchased some of that medical sports tape....

...PRINCESS TAPE OF COURSE! So I of course put a band-aid on the blisters and then wrapped them with the tape so the band-aid wouldnt come off. They dont stick to well to feet, and least not when your walking on it. (My apologies for the ugly paint job!)

Anyways, so I did my best, and made sure I completed at least 3miles, almost made it to 3.5 miles. I am still not happy with my pace time, but I realize that I still am in the beginning stages and it will take a lot more time for me to see any sort of time improvement. But that is not my ultimate goal.
I really just want to keep running, and running further and longer, get in shape...and of course feel confident enough that I can sign up and complete the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon next year!

After my run, I showered and the moment I sat down, oh man....I could tell that I will be sleeping well tonight, just felt so tired and blah. My run overwell was good except for the blister thing.
Hoping for it to get better next time...and even for my "short" runs.

"For with each dawn, she found new hope that someday, her dreams of happiness would come true"

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