Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Rainy Day

So while at work today (as it seems to be happening lately) it rains...just at the end of the day..right before we leave and walk to our cars. But by the time we get outside its has stopped..but starts up a little by the time I get to my car.

Being the "brave" runner I am, I decide to risk it and go out while it isn't raining, regardless of the impending dark grey cloud. So I get probably a 1/2 mile down the road when I hear thunder (crap!). So I cant just stop, I have to go run to the end of the road, it loops back around to where I started, and turn. As I turn I hear more thunder, and I feel the rain. I almost reach a mile when it begins to rain..harder and harder. I take a quick shortcut by the baseball field I live by, and began running faster, and then I feel hail..small tiny pieces, but nonetheless, HAIL!

I reach my apartment, and I am soaked! My running time turns out to be a 12min something average mile....only because I ran so fast! I am kind of disappointed that I wasnt able to run for the full 30minutes that I wanted to go for today, but there was no way I could keep running in that! So of course, it wasnt a great run, I felt pretty crappy.

What I am excited about is that I am interested in using the RunStar app on my phone, which can sync with They have a free version which does not sync, but I downloaded it to try, and it worked great! I had downloaded the MapMyRun app and tried using it once, and maybe I didnt hit "start" when I thought I did, but regardless, it didnt work. I got to the end of my run, and nothing had happened.

I was using to log all my routes/runs...and now that I have the DailyMile widget here, I want to somehow add my runs from Mapmyrun to Dailymile, it will be time consuming, but I like having all my info in one place!

Ok, Celtics are about to start....I am not a huge Basketball fan, but thats a shoutout for my hubby...Go Celts!


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