Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ramble Words

Today, oh today....working in a school program always has its perks. Todays perk, going to a Worcester Tornado's baseball game. Talk about a rough job...haha. We officially have one week left, the students have a half a day next wednesday, and the staff have one full day on thursday! So this last week should be great, lets hope for good weather!

Before we even left for the game today, the clouds were out and it was COLD! Luckily, by the time we started heading out the sun made an appearance, but must have been nervous since it kept hiding behind clouds during the game, peeking out only for a short period of time and disappearing again, over and over again.

Then the sun came out...and it stayed out. It was gorgeous!

When I started my run today, the back of my calves hurt. It was more of a soreness then pain, and it came and went as it pleased. But overall it was a good run, determined to actually make my 30min run an ACTUAL 30 min run. It went well.

My only issue is that in order to follow the Jeff Galloway training schedule, I need to start running longer "long runs", and I find that it is hard to do in my neighborhood. I do live off of a main road, but I dont like to run on a road without a sidewalk for to long, I dont mind if it is a short distance, but not for a couple miles.

I am hoping to get in my "Magic Mile" next week. Luckily I work at a school, so I have access to a track. I work in a special education program, the unfortunately is in school a week longer than the school in which we are in, if that makes sense. See, the program I work in is part of a collaborative, which we serve students from a bunch of different districts, so we are our own program with our own spaces within different schools, with our own school schedule, our own cancellation policies, yada yada yada.

Busy weekend coming, gotta work my part time job tomorrow and saturday, plus a cookout on saturday for my sis who is coming home to visit, then sunday is Fathers Day! So Happy Fathers Day to all those Fathers out there!

I think I have rambled enough.


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