Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Today was the second day back to school, still no students..thats tomorrow!

So Today was really a day to figure out whats going on, who the new students would be, whos working with who and other back to school mumbo jumbo...but overall a good day. But towards the end of the day myself and another staff took a trip to another classroom to pick up some items that belong to a student that will be attending our program starting tomorrow. When I came back everyone was kind of working on a different project in order to get ready for the week. Two of the people that I am working with, I felt were kind of snubby all of a sudden. I dont want to take it personally, and hope that they were just "focused" on whatever they were doing.

But one of them can act kind of snubby from time to time, and I dont know if it is me, or if it is just her. So overall I was then put into a mood, and I was fine around everyone, but internally...but it was also then end of the day and time to go home. I did one thing, turned around and pretty much everyone was gone! It was strange. I also still kind of feel like a newbie, I have been here since February, but only 3 days a week, and in another program 2 days a week, and I also worked in a different program all summer night.

So of course as I walk out to my car, alone...I feel paranoid and a little annoyed, and probably for no reason. But now of course I dont want to go to the gym, but I make myself go anyways, in hopes that it will get rid of any frustration, and it did.

I set the time for 30minutes on the treadmill and just went for it, kept thinking about work for a bit, but distracted myself with music and watching tv and thinking about my running.
Once I finished I did some ab crunches and weight lifting. Then I went home, took a shower and relaxed.

Hoping tomorrow is a better day, and a great first day with the students!

"Hakuna Matata"

Monday, August 27, 2012

Mr. Motivator

I must say, I really do love my husband.

Sunday, we had gone out with my parents and two of my cousins for some indoor/blacklight mini golf..it was funny, some small 9 hole coarse...and some ice cream! I had purchased a groupon for 6 of us for $18, and that included a large ice cream each! What a deal, a large ice cream alone is $3.75. Anyways, so I figured earlier in the day that I would just go to the gym for my long run after mini golf. But of course I got home, and didnt really want to go.

I said "I dont want to go, I will just go tomorrow"...but my knight in shining armor said "no, you need to go to the gym, you will never make it to your half marathon by skipping the gym!"
He asked how long until the 1/2 (6 months) and said I better get movin, and asked what the furthest was I have gone (5 miles) and said "thats not even half way there, you better get movin"

So I put on my gym clothes, gave him a big kiss and went to the gym. I ran my 5 miles, which I would like to run at least 5 on the road before my 10k at the end of September...just to get some more road experience since it has been a while. As I look back on my running times from when I was running outside, my times have improved...But then when I was out this past week, it was back to the old times. I dont know if it was my pace was all screwed up because I didnt have the control of a treadmill, the heat, or if the treadmill is really off by that much distance, that I am running a shorter distance than it is saying I am going (such a bummer if true).

I am also looking into getting an interval timer. I saw that Jeff Galloway has one for purchase on his website, but as I researched it, it doesnt seem like it would be the best because I have read that it can be hard to feel the vibrations. It does have a beep or something, but I listen to music when I run, so I fear that I wouldnt hear it, and plus running outside there are noisy cars and what not.

Anyone else experience a time difference in their runs on the pavement vs. the treadmill?
Anyone use an interval timer? Suggestions?

"There is a big blue sky waiting right behind the clouds"

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Long Run Day

What a couple days I have had...

Lets start with my last run, my 2nd maintenance run of the week. It was AWFUL! I couldnt even get through the whole thing, which I knew I wouldnt be able to from the moment I stepped on the treadmill. So I set the time for 30 minutes, thinking I can do that, and slow it down a bit. I ended up adding at least a whole minute on to me pace time, and felt like shit the whole time. For lunch I ate a Buffalo Chicken wrap, and it was deliscious, but it was still bouncing around a bit by the time I got to the gym, and then my calf hurt while running and I was just exhausted! So needless to say, it was a crappy day. As I  said on my FB status, "eat crappy = crappy run" or somthing like that...
Then I had work that night.

Then Friday, my best friend Ashley and I went to Maine to visit some friends for the day. It was a good day, and a good time. But I think I ate more than I could to close together, when we got up there we went over to Saco for Rapid Rays, and old time favorite when I was in Maine for the summers, and I just couldnt finish my food. I ordered a hot dog and some onion rings, and I was full very quickly. Then we went to Ocean Park to see and sit on the beach for a bit, then headed off for some ice cream. I had a Peanut Butter Supreme with a sugar cone. I finished it because it was sooo good, but could have dont without finishing. My tummy felt a bit rumbly after that. Then we went back to our friends house to play games and had some drinks, and I had a couple jello shots as well...not the wisest choice, but good in the moment. I wasnt driving home, which was good because I was soo tired and felt really funny the whole way home, not so much naseous, but just funky in the tummy. So we got home to MA around 10:30, I took a shower and crawled into bed.

Saturday the hubs came home from a night out with the boys in the afternoon. I went shopping and grocery shopping that day but was home before he got there. Right before he came home I had made myself and Chicken Salad sandwhich and had some chips. About 30 minutes after eating, my stomach began to hurt, and not like a normal stomach ache. It was my right side, and it wasnt really painful, but just an uncomfortable pain. That last from around 2pm-7 or 8pm. I took some tylenol at 6:30 and I think that helped. I of course spent some time trying to diagnose myself online, and it made it sound like Gall Stones. I still dont really know what that is, but if thats what it was, it went away, or at least the pain did after taking some tylenol. Before I went to bed, it felt like it was starting to some back, so I took two more and watched tv in bed and went to sleep.

Of course I was expecting to wake up early in the morning to the pain returning, but nothing. I was more nervous of it coming back because I needed to get to the gym to get my long run in to stay on track with my training.

Luckily I got to the gym, stretched out a bit, and got going. I was setting myself up to hit 5 miles today, which I knew would take a little over an hour to do. So as I set the time on the treadmill I went to set it over 60 minutes, but thats as far is it goes! I understand that is probably the gyms way of making a maximum of time someone can use it, which I know they cant set that on the treamill, but by buying treadmills that only allow that maximum of time. Anyways, so I had make sure that when I got to the end of the hour, to remember how far I had gone, then start up again!

Overall I was very happy with my time. I remained constant with my pace, especially happy after my run on thursday, and how it didnt go so well..and the past couple days of weirdness. I think my time improved a little bit as well!
So I ran 5-5.1miles...i lost track a little of the total in between having to end and restart, in an Hour and 7 minutes. That is awesome! Like I have said before, I would rather finish with a slower pace, but a pace that is constant throughout the whole race or run. I find that I am not tired, I could probably go on for another mile, but I dont want to push to hard in my training and hurt myself. I do tend to feel a little sore in the calf of my leg, but it always seems to be toward the end of my run.

This week seems to be cooling down which means I may be able to get some running outside done which will make me very happy. I am very interested to see if my pace changes or gets better since I will be at my own control of my pace/speed instead of a treadmill. It will also give me a chance to experiment with one of the settings on my RunStar app which allows you to have it notify you every so many minutes, or at a certain distance.

Well I think I have gone on long enough, but I have spared my hubby from all my ramblings, haha!

“The past can hurt, but the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.”

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shorts run...not as fun

So as I think I have mentioned before...I think I enjoy the long runs a bit more than my short runs.
I think I am discovering why...

Today when I was on the treadmill...waiting for the heat to surpress, although it wasnt bad today, I hit the "5k" button and went at it. But in an effort to try to improve my pace, I decided to hike up the speed, but only run for 4minutes instead of 6-8, and walk for only 1-1.5 minutes instead of 2. Well in the end, no difference made. I guess now that I think about it, if I wanted to improve my pace time by speeding up, I still need to run longer at that speed.  (Kind of a "Duh!" moment)

But I know that if i try to speed up and run longer, I will just get tired quicker. But maybe when I actually get back on the pavement, my time will improve from being on the treadmill and only staying at one pace...we shall see!
Next week I am off for a week from summer school and before the school year begins. So I am hoping that I will get out there on the road, with a cool day for a short run. As long as it stays cool...which I am praying for. It has been over a month since I have run outside, and I will plan out my run. I will probably just stick with an old route

Anyways, back to my run for the day. Again, I think knowing how far I am going to run or have run, by having the little box that shows your distance can mess with me. I begin to worry about my pace, and then I stress out a bit, and end up trying to run to long or push harder than I can take, making myself tired, and end the run with some pain. The pain gets stretched out and I am fine thank goodness.

Happy Thought...Now that everything is set and booked for the Disney Princess 1/2 in February, I am now really excited! I want it to come soon! But I need the time to train....so I guess that is a good reason to wait! :) 
Luckily, my hubby has become a bit more supportive. He didnt back it 100% right away, not because he doesnt want me to be fit, or be able to complete a half marathon...he thinks that is great, and that it is a great goal. It was more the fact that he knew it would cost me some money..and that we are trying to save for a house. Neither of us are great with money, but I explained my plan, and he asked simple questions..but not in a negative way. Which made me happy, it showed that he was trying to be supportive since he knows how much I really want to do this, and do this for me, and what it would mean to me. My husband and I love eachother so much, and he shows it, which makes me so grateful and happy.

To spend a life of endless bliss, just find who you love through true love's kiss

Monday, August 13, 2012

It's all Booked!

So it is 100% complete...everything is booked!
The Hotel.
The Flight.
and of course...My registration is done already!

Very excited!

Yesterday I went for another one of my long runs on the treadmill. Set it for an hour, and ran 4.5 miles. I thought that if I ran for a little longer and still only walked 2 minutes at a time, my pace time or at least how far I ran would differ than last time. But nothing! No difference what so ever!
But I guess that is a lesson learned, and now I can focus more on just doing it like normal. I would rather take a little longer to run the whole 1/2, or whatever distance it is and be a little tired in the end...rather than running harder and being wiped out by the end. I want to be able to keep a steady pace throughout my whole run. I find that some people have listed their runs and it somehow includes how long each mile took, and they slow down each mile. I probably do as well, and I will find out the next time I try to do only 1 miles, and see what my time is like. But if I can run 3 miles, 4.5 miles or maybe even 13.1 miles all at a 13:20min pace..or roughly that pace, then I would be happy!

I get so worried and caught up when I see someone else who hasnt been running as long as I have, not that it has been a very long time for me...and they have a shorter pace time, and I go, what the heck! But I figure, maybe they are just pushing themselves a little harder, which I could do, but I dont want to be hurting and I want to be able to breathe while I run and dont want to be having to catch my breath while I take my walk breaks. I need to be able to have control and feel comfortable and in not a lot of pain.

This morning I woke up with a mysterious groin pain! I was fine all day yesterday, even after my run. But around 5:45 am I woke up to go to the bathroom and it was pretty painful, making it hard to stand up, sit down...it went away by the end of the day, but man...I dont know what it was!

I know I have more to say, but tonight I must cut my entry short. I will have more for you tomorrow after a visit to the gym.


Thursday, August 9, 2012


So today I went for my normal maintenance run on the treadmill. I havent run since Monday, so it has been a few days...and I havent been eating the best. I snacked on chips yesterday...BAD...then today snacked on chips and dip, some chocolate cluster thing....BAD. I remember reading another bloggers ( Pumpkin to Princess ) site and she had an entry in regards to her running, and how it was affected by a couple days of poor eating. I think it is similar to going on a good diet, not eating fast food or other certain foods. But once you eat them again, just once...you feel not so good, or even makes you sick a little.

I dont know if it truly was the reason, but my left back calf was sore in the run, and hurt more during the last 5minutes. I was practically limping during my cool down walk. So I will just do some extra stretching in between now and my long run on Sunday. I think I will do another 4.5 on sunday again...I found that I enjoyed the 4.5 run last sunday better then when I do my 5k treadmill run. I dont know if it is because I just set the timer on the treadmill and cover up the distance? I guess not feeling so much pressure about how far I have gone and just worrying about my pace, how I am breathing and feeling makes it better. So I strive for that good feeling again this Sunday.

Well...I am going to bad again tonight. It is the first Pre-Season Patriots game tonight, that means a couple of beers and probably Pizza or a Sub....oh well, gotta get back in gear tomorrow with healthy food, and trip to the gym for some non-running exercising, and then walking around at work in the evening.

"Do not be fooled by its commonplace appearance. Like so many things, it is not what outside, but what is inside that counts"

Pumpkin to Princess: Pacing Drills

A blogger I am following posted this the other day...thought it to be very helpful and educational!
Pumpkin to Princess: Pacing Drills: At my TEAM run on Saturday morning, Coach had us do some pacing drills.  We ran around the parking lot and counted how many steps we took ...

I always try to run with short low to the ground strides. If I remember, I am going to try to count how many steps I take in a minute while on the treadmill. Obviously it will be a bit different because the speed is controlled by the treadmill, but I will test it out there and on the pavement!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Show and Tell

In one my recent blog entry's I mentioned my search for the Runners World magazine issue that was a Half Marathon special....well no luck in stores. Because it was the August issue, it was off the shelves of August 1st and the September issue was in. Makes no sense to me...but whatever. So I thought I would take a chance and check out ebay....GOT IT! So I recieved it in the mail yesterday and glanced through it, read a couple articles..and of course you know the Disney Marathon was mentioned and an ad was placed in it. I also saw an ad for the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon!

So while I was reading through...I stumbled upon this...

Did you see what was highlighted...(by me of course)....look at those numbers!!! And I can only imagine they will get bigger as the years go by to accomodate the amount of people who are interested!! And go us...go Women!

So I also must share what my new friend Nicole has shared with me in preperation and excitement of registering for the Disney Princess 1/2! I thanked her dearly...

There is a lot of Ariel because she knows that she is my favorite...plus I registered for Ariel on my bib and will be making an Ariel Costume for the 1/2!!!


"Up where they walk . Up where they run. Up where they stay all day in the sun. Wanderin' free. Wish I could be. Part of that world..."

Monday, August 6, 2012

A Registered Princess!!

That's right....your read it correctly...I am officially registered for the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon for February 2013!!

Leading up to...and immediatly following the registration process (and I knew I would feel this way) I was wicked nervous! But now I am commited...I cant just say I am going to register, then never do it. I officially registered, I have to do this, I have to complete this. AND I WILL!

 I look forward to getting myself through all the tough times...like today, it wasnt really tough, but not as good of a running day as yesterday. That was my mistake. I ran 4.5 miles yesterday for my long run. I know I am suppose to take a day off in between runs, or at least dont do any kind of exercise that puts stress on my calves...but I am not able to go out for a run in the next two days, so I knew I had to get it in today. So now, only 2 hours later, I am a bit sore. But that is quite alright, I must do what needs to be done!

So now I hope that the rest of you..who may begin to doubt themselves will take a moment to stop thinking and just do! Find support for family, friends and complete strangers! I have become more sure of this ever since I found someone else who was seeking a friend, someone to room with. I jumped at the chance! Not only to find a way to cut my costs for this expedition, but someone I can share support with, to cheer on and just not be alone! Sometimes you cant always have your loved ones close to you because of whatever reason, but you know they will be supporting you in there hearts and wherever they may be, and support you in what you want to do!

-Princess Stephanie
Fairytales do come true. One mile at a time

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Another Mile Added!

What a great run today! I set the treadmill for an hour. I figured I wanted to make a long run of 4 miles today, and knew that I would make that goal under an hour, but figured running for a full hour would be good just in case my pace was off, or longer since I was adding at least another mile to what I have been doing lately. I am proud to say that I was able to keep my pace and run 4.5 miles in an hour! Even if the walk/run ratio isnt what it should be, I am running 6 minutes and walking 2. Anytime I feel I need more time to cool down, I walk 3minutes. I did that twice today. I added an incline to 1.00 on the treadmill today for about 3minutes of the run, twice, and felt I needed to walk for a minute longer after each time. Overall it was great!

Have you been watching the Olympics? Of course you have, I dont think there is many that havent been paying attention. I normally have not been an Olympic games watcher, but this year I am, I have some real interest. I am really into the Gymnastics and swimming, but have been paying attention to a few other things, and am loving the track and field. More track and field tonight!!

With the Olympics, I am feeling more motivated! I know it is no comparison, but for me, I begin to imagine running across the finish line at the Disney Princess Half Marathon and getting my medal. I imagine how great of a feeling that is going to be to have accomplished something so big like this, no matter how hard and long of a road it may be. But that is the whole point, to challenge myself, make it hard and get through it and enjoy the moments when it feels really good and I just flow through it.

But I continue to be excited about my Pace time, and hope that as I continue to add miles to my runs, that I can keep it up, or at least as i repeat the miles that I can adjust my Pace Time if it gets longer as I add my miles!!

go me!! and go you!!

"They say that if you dream a thing more than once, it's sure to come true"

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gym Days

Two days in a row I have made it to the gym...did my runs both days, as well as some leg exercises one day and today worked on my arms.

Monday I went to a Coldplay concert in Boston with my cousin
It was sooo cool. When you got in they gave everyone these bracelets that lit up with the music!

It looked like we were in outer space, or like a giant Christmas Tree!!

Anyways...it was a blast, and boy..being all the way in the back, against the wall, gets hot! I felt so sweaty and slimy afterwards, but well worth the show. Being in the back seems like horrible seats, and in one way it is, but at the same time...take a look at those lasers...it makes the show awesome!

On our way TO the concert, we were on the T and I noticed a girl reading Runners World Magazine, and it was a Half Marathon special, which I was like "have to have!"So I went to the Runners World to get info, and couldnt really get any about the magazine without getting a subscription. So I figured, they should have it at Barnes and Noble. So I went there today to see if they had it, but no such luck. I am hoping that the girl I saw had received it from a subscription and maybe it just isnt in the stores yet, but its the August magazine, so I would think it would be. There were other Runners World magazines, but not the one I wanted...bummer

So anyways, back to exercising!

Going to the gym is great! I am pretty tired when work is over and could go for a nap, but do myself a favor and go to the gym! I get straight on the treadmill and go! But when I got home and took a shower, and this may be TMI, but when the water hit my inner thigh, man did that sting! I dont know why. I know my thighs rub together because they are so thick, but I have never had this happen before! It went away after a few minutes, but what a shock!

Thanks to the Facebook RunDisney page I am able to immerse myself in a community of Disney lovers and runners! I recently found someone looking for a roomate for the Princess 1/2 2013, which makes me really excited because I fear that I will be traveling alone, and nothing is worse than going somewhere to do something that is EXCITING and not having any one to share it with. So although she is a complete stranger, I am very excited and am working my way into it all!!

Now I just need to register for the Princess Half Marathon....and I will. As well as plan out who we are going to go through for a room. She has someone, and I have found a travel operator through RunDisney, not RunDisney themselves, but GET Travel, which is recommended through RunDisney.
So anyways, its a work in progress!

"For every to, there is a fro, for every stop there is a go and that's what makes the world go round'