Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gym Days

Two days in a row I have made it to the gym...did my runs both days, as well as some leg exercises one day and today worked on my arms.

Monday I went to a Coldplay concert in Boston with my cousin
It was sooo cool. When you got in they gave everyone these bracelets that lit up with the music!

It looked like we were in outer space, or like a giant Christmas Tree!! was a blast, and boy..being all the way in the back, against the wall, gets hot! I felt so sweaty and slimy afterwards, but well worth the show. Being in the back seems like horrible seats, and in one way it is, but at the same time...take a look at those makes the show awesome!

On our way TO the concert, we were on the T and I noticed a girl reading Runners World Magazine, and it was a Half Marathon special, which I was like "have to have!"So I went to the Runners World to get info, and couldnt really get any about the magazine without getting a subscription. So I figured, they should have it at Barnes and Noble. So I went there today to see if they had it, but no such luck. I am hoping that the girl I saw had received it from a subscription and maybe it just isnt in the stores yet, but its the August magazine, so I would think it would be. There were other Runners World magazines, but not the one I wanted...bummer

So anyways, back to exercising!

Going to the gym is great! I am pretty tired when work is over and could go for a nap, but do myself a favor and go to the gym! I get straight on the treadmill and go! But when I got home and took a shower, and this may be TMI, but when the water hit my inner thigh, man did that sting! I dont know why. I know my thighs rub together because they are so thick, but I have never had this happen before! It went away after a few minutes, but what a shock!

Thanks to the Facebook RunDisney page I am able to immerse myself in a community of Disney lovers and runners! I recently found someone looking for a roomate for the Princess 1/2 2013, which makes me really excited because I fear that I will be traveling alone, and nothing is worse than going somewhere to do something that is EXCITING and not having any one to share it with. So although she is a complete stranger, I am very excited and am working my way into it all!!

Now I just need to register for the Princess Half Marathon....and I will. As well as plan out who we are going to go through for a room. She has someone, and I have found a travel operator through RunDisney, not RunDisney themselves, but GET Travel, which is recommended through RunDisney.
So anyways, its a work in progress!

"For every to, there is a fro, for every stop there is a go and that's what makes the world go round'

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