Sunday, August 5, 2012

Another Mile Added!

What a great run today! I set the treadmill for an hour. I figured I wanted to make a long run of 4 miles today, and knew that I would make that goal under an hour, but figured running for a full hour would be good just in case my pace was off, or longer since I was adding at least another mile to what I have been doing lately. I am proud to say that I was able to keep my pace and run 4.5 miles in an hour! Even if the walk/run ratio isnt what it should be, I am running 6 minutes and walking 2. Anytime I feel I need more time to cool down, I walk 3minutes. I did that twice today. I added an incline to 1.00 on the treadmill today for about 3minutes of the run, twice, and felt I needed to walk for a minute longer after each time. Overall it was great!

Have you been watching the Olympics? Of course you have, I dont think there is many that havent been paying attention. I normally have not been an Olympic games watcher, but this year I am, I have some real interest. I am really into the Gymnastics and swimming, but have been paying attention to a few other things, and am loving the track and field. More track and field tonight!!

With the Olympics, I am feeling more motivated! I know it is no comparison, but for me, I begin to imagine running across the finish line at the Disney Princess Half Marathon and getting my medal. I imagine how great of a feeling that is going to be to have accomplished something so big like this, no matter how hard and long of a road it may be. But that is the whole point, to challenge myself, make it hard and get through it and enjoy the moments when it feels really good and I just flow through it.

But I continue to be excited about my Pace time, and hope that as I continue to add miles to my runs, that I can keep it up, or at least as i repeat the miles that I can adjust my Pace Time if it gets longer as I add my miles!!

go me!! and go you!!

"They say that if you dream a thing more than once, it's sure to come true"

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