Monday, August 6, 2012

A Registered Princess!!

That's right....your read it correctly...I am officially registered for the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon for February 2013!!

Leading up to...and immediatly following the registration process (and I knew I would feel this way) I was wicked nervous! But now I am commited...I cant just say I am going to register, then never do it. I officially registered, I have to do this, I have to complete this. AND I WILL!

 I look forward to getting myself through all the tough today, it wasnt really tough, but not as good of a running day as yesterday. That was my mistake. I ran 4.5 miles yesterday for my long run. I know I am suppose to take a day off in between runs, or at least dont do any kind of exercise that puts stress on my calves...but I am not able to go out for a run in the next two days, so I knew I had to get it in today. So now, only 2 hours later, I am a bit sore. But that is quite alright, I must do what needs to be done!

So now I hope that the rest of you..who may begin to doubt themselves will take a moment to stop thinking and just do! Find support for family, friends and complete strangers! I have become more sure of this ever since I found someone else who was seeking a friend, someone to room with. I jumped at the chance! Not only to find a way to cut my costs for this expedition, but someone I can share support with, to cheer on and just not be alone! Sometimes you cant always have your loved ones close to you because of whatever reason, but you know they will be supporting you in there hearts and wherever they may be, and support you in what you want to do!

-Princess Stephanie
Fairytales do come true. One mile at a time


  1. I love your blog! I love anything Disney running related, so I am so happy that you stopped by my blog and posted comment! If you need any Disney running advice, just let me know, I have run 11 half marathons, ALL DISNEY - Disney World, Disneyland, Princess... - so I'm a bit crazy (they're just more fun than other races, and you get to DRESS UP!). So excited for you that you are running the Princess next year!!!! I will definitely be following along to see your progress as you train!!!

    1. Thanks Kerry! You are my first comment and i thank and appreciate it! Its always great to share thoughts, tips, motivation and excitement with others! So your welcome, and thank you for stopping by on my blog!