Tuesday, January 29, 2013

23 days to go.

With only 23 days to go...(25 on this past sunday) I went to the gym for a 5mile run (on sunday). It didnt got very well.
I had to pause the dreadmill twice to just relax because I was feeling a little light headed. I know I probably should have just stopped, but I was determined. I dont know what was going on, I was drinking plenty of water, and ate at least an hour before I got to the gym. I ate a clemontine, banana, protein bar and some pirate booty! I also took my Heart Rate on the treadmill and at one point it seemed rediculously high! Maybe it was just because of how I was feeling, but I did not feel so hot.

Anyways I completed my run, then did some strength training and a little bike.
Right now I am really focused on getting a 10mile run in. I am praying for at least 30+ degrees on saturday so that I can get outside to complete it. I am hoping whatever I do on the treadmill in between now and then wont be as bad as sunday!

I am also taking another step in the right direction with my eating habits. I am drinking more water, less soda or none at all. Coffee is still fine, but I wont have one everyday, but if there is time in the morning to make some to take to work, I will. I am also increasing my green intake (broccolli, cucumber and celery) and it is quite filling! I will have a small bowl full of a mix with some veggie dip and that it pretty good for me at lunch. But I also try to have a little somthing else with it, maybe a yogurt or a special K bar just to keep my energy going until I can have something for a snack after work.
I am also making portions smaller at dinner. I dont normally have a big portion, but I am making a conscious effort to watch how much I scoop onto my plate, expecially when it comes to carbs. I know I need carbs for my energy for running, but I dont want to load up to much, or more than needed if I am not planning a long run for the next day.

For the upcoming Princess 1/2 Marathon I was planning on using my phone for music (Pandora radio) and then tracking. I was hoping to pause my RunStar app anytime I made a stop just to see what my finish time would be in comparision to my real finish time with stops made. But my worry is that doing that will use so much of my battery that even by charging it for maybe an hour when we get back to our room for a shower and change, that it wont last long enough for the rest of the day in the park. I may be looking into a cheap stop watch to wear, and then just using my ipod.

I just have to make sure I charge my ipod, or make sure it is charged enough. I have been noticing that the charge doesnt hold sometimes. I can charge it, and then not use it for over a month and when I go to turn it on, it is dead. The warranty I had on it is done, but maybe I need to contact Apple and see what happens.

So I think I have gone on, changed subjects a couple of times, and can wrap it up. Lets hope I come back with an update again sooner than last time.

The countdown has begun!


Friday, January 18, 2013

Someone's got a case of the Mundays....

...and it has lasted pretty much all week. Tuesday was a pretty awful day and really for now reason. I was just in a generally bad mood, little things that people said and did was annoying, yet the student that would normally be the one who could easily annoy me, well that was no problem! it was almost a reverse.

I think it all may be due to those certain womenly hormones that I get to experience....so I am hoping this will pass soon. Luckily on Wednesday we had a snow day, which I know in the end will stink cause we will have to make it up at the end of the year. But anyways, I practically did nothing, although I did spend some time watching Beauty and the Beast while working on my tutu for the Princess 1/2 Marathon coming up in 34 days!!!

So anyways, it is Friday and I should be excited and I kind of am, but more just blah, and ready to crash. I am also finding myself just staring at the computer screen all night and actually doing nothing on the computer, which I think is that I havent been able to fall asleep or settle as quickly at night when I go to bed.

But this weekend is a 3 day weekend, and it is booked solid. Tomorrow Rich and I are going to go look at 3 houses, one of which we saw last weekend, but are seeing again! Then Rich has a gig at night, so that means not getting home until 3am. Then sunday is lunch with my best friend and then out for the Patriots/Raven game on sunday night! GO PATS!!

Speaking of this weekend...in Disneyland California is the Tinkerbell Half Marathon! So I wish all of those running this weekend good luck and a magical time! Annnd....the Lovely Sean Astin from Goonies, Rudy, LOTR and so on is running the 1/2 Marathon as well! So to those lucky runners who happen to run into him...I am Jealous!!!


Sunday, January 13, 2013

In for the long run...

With only 39 days to go I went for my long run of 8 miles today. I am a bit behind on the Galloway Training plan, but I am ok with that. I dont have a goal of reaching 13miles until the Princess 1/2 mararthon. I want to reach 10 and hit that at least twice before the 1/2.

I havent gone out for a long run since the end of December for 7 miles, and have only made it to the gym 1 or 2 times a week for runs around 3-4 miles. So I wasnt sure to expect for my long run today, but I felt great! My pace wasnt where I would like it to be, but that is not what is important, just that I did it and was able to finish strong!

Of course after my run, i decided to take the advice of others who have completed a long run and take an ice cold bath, minus the ice...i lasted about 12 minutes and my legs looked like a lobster! My knees were a little sore still after so ive put a little icy/hot on it.

What is even better is the FB Disney Princess 1/2 marathon page. It is such a great spot to share your experiences and struggles with others who are training for the same thing. At times I would feel so behind, and struggle with where I was with my miles, pace and fitness and I love being able to go there and share and read what others have to say! I cant wait to be down in Disney with all of them and be there with face to face support! I am so glad I have a new friend, Nicole who I am going to share this experience with! She is awesome and so are everyone else!!

Keep up the good work to those of you training for RunDisney or whatever you may be doing, even if you are just doing something to better yourself and start of the new year healthier!


Friday, January 4, 2013

Costume building!

I have begun the process of making my costume for the 2013 Princess Half Marathon in Disney!

First thing...begin making my tutu...her are some pics to show you the beginning of what is turning into a longer than I thought process:

Here is my Tulle...folded...ready to be cut...
 I am working with two colors of tulle in order to obtain the color I want for my tutu! Here is the second color I had cut up already...
 The second color is layed out here...it would have been helpful if I had a snazzy cutting board..with guidelines of some sort...but this was helpful enough...
                                                      After I have made a few cuts...
                                                                 Ready for assembling!

                                             Attaching to the elastic band! (Sorry its sideways!)
This was taking me a long time..so I havent finished placing all the strips of tulle onto the elastic band yet, but I will be sure to post a picture of it when it is complete! But it will not be fully complete without some additional "accessories" that I have..and am waiting for in the mail! I cant wait!!
"It's a dinglehopper. Humans use these little babies... to straighten their hair out. See? Just a little twirl here and a yank there and voila. You've got an aesthetically pleasing configuration of hair that humans go nuts over."


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year...simple goals

A little inpiration to start....

So I cant say my goal for 2013 is to run the Princess Half Marathon...I guess you could say that it was a goal in 2012, taking that step to sign up and train.

So this year I want to stick will small goals...but health related...nothing like "I will lose 25 pounds" because for me this is unrealistic. I have never been able to focus on a weight loss goal, but if in the process of training, exercising and eating right...I continue to lose weight, then bonus for me!

My biggest resolution is to maintain my training...no more slacking. I have 51 days and 4 hours until The Princess Half Marathon weekend begins, that means I have less than 51 days to train, gain mileage and make progress on my pacing and stamina!
No exceptions, I cannot run less than 3 times a week, I will find it unacceptable and will somehow guilt myself for it!

Then after the PHM I want to continue running, continue exercising...which to me would be a good two runs a week/minimum as well as going to the gym.

So now I can only hope that the weather in New England warms up a bit, just enough to make it safe to run for long runs outside, and I can carry on with my short runs inside.

My other goal...for myself and the hubby is to find a home! We began the process of looking for a home, our first home, a couple months ago and have had no success..but we are taking our time and are in no rush to get into one asap, but sooner than later would be great!

So now I will continue on in the new year. Tomorrow I go back to work after a good week and a half off. Not ready...but totally ready at the same time.

What New Years resolution do you have?