Sunday, January 13, 2013

In for the long run...

With only 39 days to go I went for my long run of 8 miles today. I am a bit behind on the Galloway Training plan, but I am ok with that. I dont have a goal of reaching 13miles until the Princess 1/2 mararthon. I want to reach 10 and hit that at least twice before the 1/2.

I havent gone out for a long run since the end of December for 7 miles, and have only made it to the gym 1 or 2 times a week for runs around 3-4 miles. So I wasnt sure to expect for my long run today, but I felt great! My pace wasnt where I would like it to be, but that is not what is important, just that I did it and was able to finish strong!

Of course after my run, i decided to take the advice of others who have completed a long run and take an ice cold bath, minus the ice...i lasted about 12 minutes and my legs looked like a lobster! My knees were a little sore still after so ive put a little icy/hot on it.

What is even better is the FB Disney Princess 1/2 marathon page. It is such a great spot to share your experiences and struggles with others who are training for the same thing. At times I would feel so behind, and struggle with where I was with my miles, pace and fitness and I love being able to go there and share and read what others have to say! I cant wait to be down in Disney with all of them and be there with face to face support! I am so glad I have a new friend, Nicole who I am going to share this experience with! She is awesome and so are everyone else!!

Keep up the good work to those of you training for RunDisney or whatever you may be doing, even if you are just doing something to better yourself and start of the new year healthier!


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