Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mid Day Run

I had nothing to do today until my part time job at 530pm. So I figured the best way to break up the day is to go for a run at 12, well really 11:45, then take a shower have something to eat and relax.

My run was good. I had purchased this Blister Kit to help with the blisters on my instep, and it really helped! I felt a little friction on my left foot, but nothing worth crying about. Anyways...on my run, I ran past another runner. It always find that it gives me a bit of a boost when I see someone else running when I am. We gave eachother a little friendly wave, and continued on. Of course I saw the man again when I rounded some corner, and he was shirtless and had gained some speed!

I on the other hand continued with my steady pace, began getting tired...but pushed on! I am really glad I went out for a run though, I was feeling super lazy and tired sitting watching reruns of Gilmore Girls all morning.

The other thing in my life is my husband and I are trying to get all the paper work together to go to the bank to find out how much we can get approved for if we were to get a loan for a house. Its just another one of those over whelming things. I and my mother have been scouting out houses online, but I dont want to take that step to look at a house before I know what we can be approved for....I dont want to take that risk of finding a house I really like and not being able to afford it!

Since I have become a runner, finding a house with a child friendly and a good running area that I could get in the groove with. But I wouldnt say that is a priority.

"If your heart is in your dream, no request is to extreme"

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon

So, I did not run today. But I have to post out of excitment!

The information for the 2013 Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon is up on

Im so excited! I am 100% excited...but still 50/50 on whether I will do it or not. I want to up my running distance some more and make sure I am up for...I know I still have 239 days until the 1/2 Marathon...but I have to be sure!

But I am still verrryyy....very excited!

end of post!

Because your Fairy Godmother Carries a Stopwatch

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Circles in the Park

I have been on vacation from school since has been nice. Ive been able to do absolutley nothing! As well as catch up on some jewelry making for a Vendor Fair I am participating in in September, as well as allow myself to get running in or schedule when I will run to make sure I do it.

Ive been able to schedule things that are otherwise harder to do because of work and limited hours. So today I was meeting with someone about my 403B, which just so happens to be down the street from a Park in Worcester. So I figured what a great plan, go to the meeting then go run!

My meeting was at 11am, but somehow lines got crossed and the woman I was suppose to meet with assumed we were meeting at a different location, even though I specifically said in our emails I would meet her at the central location! we rescheduled to 1pm. So I figured I still have time to run, go home, shower and return.

Anyways, so the park is not even a mile around, roughly .84 mile around. Which means I would have to go around 3times just to make at least 2miles. My ultimate goal wasnt distance, but running my 30min. Of course I was worried since I have developed some a  blister on my instep on each foot, so I decided to try to tape the one that was worse, but I could feel it falling apart maybe half way through.

The other fun thing was before my meeting, well on my way to the origional time of the meeting my tummy was feelin a little wonky, which made me nervous about running. But after sitting and waiting for a few minutes, then finding out that we would need to reschedule, my tummy was better.

It was a beautiful day for a run around the park, it was great, a little warm at times...but there were equal amounts of sunny and shady areas around. There werent to many people walking around, just your typical Bum on the corner asking for money from traffic driving by and stopping at the lights.

So overall it was a fine run, I dont want to say it was good, but fine...just in the middle.

"For every to, there is a fro, for every stop there is a go and that's what makes the world go round"

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Heat Wave

For the past few days good ol' Massachusetts has been in a heat wave...roughly 90-95 everyday...Wednesday through Friday. I am pretty sure that Saturday was pretty high, but I never saw a thermometor to find out, when I did it was after it had rained, which made the temp drop to 77 degrees, nice a cool!

Because of the heat I didnt dare go out for a run, no thank you!

Luckily, today it decided to cool down to at least 80, maybe below. Today was a day of just laying around, was in bed til probably 1:30, just watching tv and spending some quality time with the hubs. We went out to run some errands and get lunch finally, came home and watched tv. And then took a nap...havent been this lazy in a while. I slept for about an hour, getting up and going out at 5:15. It was time to get my but in gear and my feet moving.

Today is a long run day, and I really wanted to get in 4miles. I almost made it tooo. I was doing well, keeping a steady pace, no leg pain, but maybe half way through my run, I could feel the blisters on the insides of my feet. It is that part of the foot the curves. I probably should invest in some socks that are more fit for running to help prevent blisters.

Appropriatley enough, when I was in college, I was getting blisters from dance, so I purchased some of that medical sports tape....

...PRINCESS TAPE OF COURSE! So I of course put a band-aid on the blisters and then wrapped them with the tape so the band-aid wouldnt come off. They dont stick to well to feet, and least not when your walking on it. (My apologies for the ugly paint job!)

Anyways, so I did my best, and made sure I completed at least 3miles, almost made it to 3.5 miles. I am still not happy with my pace time, but I realize that I still am in the beginning stages and it will take a lot more time for me to see any sort of time improvement. But that is not my ultimate goal.
I really just want to keep running, and running further and longer, get in shape...and of course feel confident enough that I can sign up and complete the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon next year!

After my run, I showered and the moment I sat down, oh man....I could tell that I will be sleeping well tonight, just felt so tired and blah. My run overwell was good except for the blister thing.
Hoping for it to get better next time...and even for my "short" runs.

"For with each dawn, she found new hope that someday, her dreams of happiness would come true"

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Magic Mile

I decided today would be my first "Magic Mile" day. Since I have access to a track, I took advantage. I have to say I am not a fan of running on a track, it makes the run feel like it takes longer. I think I did ok. I ran the mile in 13min and roughly 35seconds. So according the the Jeff Galloway Performance Predictor, my Half Marathon Pace would be 16min 02seconds. MUST IMPROVE!!!!

I have some improving to do, which means I really need to make sure I am running 3 times a week, EVERY week. Although I am working during the summer program, I have fridays off, so even if I have to work at my part time job on friday, I have the day time to get a run in.  I am hoping that as I lengthen my long runs, that my time during my 30min runs during the week will improve. Meaning that during the 30min, I will hopefully end up running more than 2miles.

The goal would be to get to an 11-12min mile by the end of the summer. Would you say that is a possible goal? It might be harder if it is a really hot summer, but I am hoping not to least not in the evenings.

Not much to say tonight I guess.

"A dream is a wish your heart makes"

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ramble Words

Today, oh today....working in a school program always has its perks. Todays perk, going to a Worcester Tornado's baseball game. Talk about a rough job...haha. We officially have one week left, the students have a half a day next wednesday, and the staff have one full day on thursday! So this last week should be great, lets hope for good weather!

Before we even left for the game today, the clouds were out and it was COLD! Luckily, by the time we started heading out the sun made an appearance, but must have been nervous since it kept hiding behind clouds during the game, peeking out only for a short period of time and disappearing again, over and over again.

Then the sun came out...and it stayed out. It was gorgeous!

When I started my run today, the back of my calves hurt. It was more of a soreness then pain, and it came and went as it pleased. But overall it was a good run, determined to actually make my 30min run an ACTUAL 30 min run. It went well.

My only issue is that in order to follow the Jeff Galloway training schedule, I need to start running longer "long runs", and I find that it is hard to do in my neighborhood. I do live off of a main road, but I dont like to run on a road without a sidewalk for to long, I dont mind if it is a short distance, but not for a couple miles.

I am hoping to get in my "Magic Mile" next week. Luckily I work at a school, so I have access to a track. I work in a special education program, the unfortunately is in school a week longer than the school in which we are in, if that makes sense. See, the program I work in is part of a collaborative, which we serve students from a bunch of different districts, so we are our own program with our own spaces within different schools, with our own school schedule, our own cancellation policies, yada yada yada.

Busy weekend coming, gotta work my part time job tomorrow and saturday, plus a cookout on saturday for my sis who is coming home to visit, then sunday is Fathers Day! So Happy Fathers Day to all those Fathers out there!

I think I have rambled enough.


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Wet Running Shoes

Today started with some cinnamon french toast and coffee in bed with the hubby. It was nice.
Then I needed to make some Oreo truffles for a party that I am going to tonight. They are sooo delicious, sadly filled with calories, but oh so good! YUM!

Anyways, I put them in the fridge so the chocolate could harden, then got on my running gear then went to go put on my sneakers....

I came to find that they were still pretty wet/damp from the downpour I survived through the other day. So as much as I knew that I wouldnt be comfortable, I was forced to wear my old sneakers, not the best for running, but I wore them anyways.

Just as I knew it, as I began running, it didnt take long before my calves began to become sore. But not for to long, the soreness came and went as it pleases throughout the run. I walked longer when I took a walking break, which I dont like to do, and then made my run time longer. I dont really follow the run/walk pace that Jeff Galloway suggests, I kind of made up my own. I figured I would run during an entire song, then when a new one started I would walk a little for the beginning then run again til it ends, and so on. It has been working out well so far, not becoming to tired at all.

But today that did not work out as well, I blame the shoes.
I blame the shoes.

Keeping it short and sweet today!

"We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams" -WillyWonka

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Rainy Day

So while at work today (as it seems to be happening lately) it rains...just at the end of the day..right before we leave and walk to our cars. But by the time we get outside its has stopped..but starts up a little by the time I get to my car.

Being the "brave" runner I am, I decide to risk it and go out while it isn't raining, regardless of the impending dark grey cloud. So I get probably a 1/2 mile down the road when I hear thunder (crap!). So I cant just stop, I have to go run to the end of the road, it loops back around to where I started, and turn. As I turn I hear more thunder, and I feel the rain. I almost reach a mile when it begins to rain..harder and harder. I take a quick shortcut by the baseball field I live by, and began running faster, and then I feel hail..small tiny pieces, but nonetheless, HAIL!

I reach my apartment, and I am soaked! My running time turns out to be a 12min something average mile....only because I ran so fast! I am kind of disappointed that I wasnt able to run for the full 30minutes that I wanted to go for today, but there was no way I could keep running in that! So of course, it wasnt a great run, I felt pretty crappy.

What I am excited about is that I am interested in using the RunStar app on my phone, which can sync with They have a free version which does not sync, but I downloaded it to try, and it worked great! I had downloaded the MapMyRun app and tried using it once, and maybe I didnt hit "start" when I thought I did, but regardless, it didnt work. I got to the end of my run, and nothing had happened.

I was using to log all my routes/runs...and now that I have the DailyMile widget here, I want to somehow add my runs from Mapmyrun to Dailymile, it will be time consuming, but I like having all my info in one place!

Ok, Celtics are about to start....I am not a huge Basketball fan, but thats a shoutout for my hubby...Go Celts!


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My First Blog Entry....getting a running start!

Okay. So a few couple months ago, I want to say in April, I discovered the most wonderful thing....Disney's Princess Half Marathon!
So ok, whoa!
I am not a runner of any kind...but the moment I saw it, I said  this is a must do!

I started researching, as well as reading other bloggers of Disney/Running love, and became inspired..and hit the pavement! I must say...I am in much better shape now than I was when I was in high school. I played field hockey my freshman and sophomore year, and had to run a mile or two before practice 5days a week. I was AWFUL! Always the last one to finish the run, never got below a 18min/mile most likely...

I got married to my Prince Charming on October 15, 2011. The spring before I had been running on my street, which the distance I was going was approx. .88mile, and ran that in about 11minutes. I joined a gym March 2011, number one being to lose some weight. I was using the treadmill a lot, along with crunches and other random machines. I never checked to see if I lost any weight, but I dont think it mattered since I severely slacked off about two months before the wedding. Needless to say, I still fit into my dress and looked FABULOUS!

And of course...we went to DISNEY WORLD for our honeymoon, and it was a blast!

So now...have been married for 6months, and feeling self conscious about my weight again, i felt it would be great to start running again. Nothing outrageous, but small to start. So I began the usual routine from our apartment to one end of the street and back.
Once I discovered the Disney Princess Half Marathon I began reading about Jeff Galloway, and all the tips he and other experienced runners had for beginners. I knew I had to start running at least 3times a week in attempt to follow the Galloway training plan. I also invested in a few pieces of running apparel, some shorts/pants, and tank tops.

Once I began running for at least 30min, typically turns out to be 27-28mins...twice a week, I found myself running around a 13min/mile on average. So I have surprised myself! I decided it would be important to find myself a local 5k to participate in, and I found the LUK, Inc. 2nd Annual Run/Walk/Stroll in Worcester, MA.

It was probably almost 80 degrees that day, but I completed it in 46min 10sec. Not bad for my first 5k, in the heat..and the fact that I practically walked the last mile. But the important thing is that I finished!

So all in my somewhat long ramble of an introduction, I am determined to get myself in shape, shed some weight, and be 1/2 Marathon Ready by February 2013.....I also need to figure out how I will do this financially. But that may just be another chapter.

For now, I will leave saying that I am glad to begin this journey, knowing I have friends and family who are well as you fellow runners, Disney lovers/enthusiasts.....I find inspiration and confidence in reading your blogs and hearing about those days when you just didnt want to run, but you did, or those days where you have had one of the best runs ever!