Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Today was the second day back to school, still no students..thats tomorrow!

So Today was really a day to figure out whats going on, who the new students would be, whos working with who and other back to school mumbo jumbo...but overall a good day. But towards the end of the day myself and another staff took a trip to another classroom to pick up some items that belong to a student that will be attending our program starting tomorrow. When I came back everyone was kind of working on a different project in order to get ready for the week. Two of the people that I am working with, I felt were kind of snubby all of a sudden. I dont want to take it personally, and hope that they were just "focused" on whatever they were doing.

But one of them can act kind of snubby from time to time, and I dont know if it is me, or if it is just her. So overall I was then put into a mood, and I was fine around everyone, but internally...but it was also then end of the day and time to go home. I did one thing, turned around and pretty much everyone was gone! It was strange. I also still kind of feel like a newbie, I have been here since February, but only 3 days a week, and in another program 2 days a week, and I also worked in a different program all summer night.

So of course as I walk out to my car, alone...I feel paranoid and a little annoyed, and probably for no reason. But now of course I dont want to go to the gym, but I make myself go anyways, in hopes that it will get rid of any frustration, and it did.

I set the time for 30minutes on the treadmill and just went for it, kept thinking about work for a bit, but distracted myself with music and watching tv and thinking about my running.
Once I finished I did some ab crunches and weight lifting. Then I went home, took a shower and relaxed.

Hoping tomorrow is a better day, and a great first day with the students!

"Hakuna Matata"

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