Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shorts run...not as fun

So as I think I have mentioned before...I think I enjoy the long runs a bit more than my short runs.
I think I am discovering why...

Today when I was on the treadmill...waiting for the heat to surpress, although it wasnt bad today, I hit the "5k" button and went at it. But in an effort to try to improve my pace, I decided to hike up the speed, but only run for 4minutes instead of 6-8, and walk for only 1-1.5 minutes instead of 2. Well in the end, no difference made. I guess now that I think about it, if I wanted to improve my pace time by speeding up, I still need to run longer at that speed.  (Kind of a "Duh!" moment)

But I know that if i try to speed up and run longer, I will just get tired quicker. But maybe when I actually get back on the pavement, my time will improve from being on the treadmill and only staying at one pace...we shall see!
Next week I am off for a week from summer school and before the school year begins. So I am hoping that I will get out there on the road, with a cool day for a short run. As long as it stays cool...which I am praying for. It has been over a month since I have run outside, and I will plan out my run. I will probably just stick with an old route

Anyways, back to my run for the day. Again, I think knowing how far I am going to run or have run, by having the little box that shows your distance can mess with me. I begin to worry about my pace, and then I stress out a bit, and end up trying to run to long or push harder than I can take, making myself tired, and end the run with some pain. The pain gets stretched out and I am fine thank goodness.

Happy Thought...Now that everything is set and booked for the Disney Princess 1/2 in February, I am now really excited! I want it to come soon! But I need the time to train....so I guess that is a good reason to wait! :) 
Luckily, my hubby has become a bit more supportive. He didnt back it 100% right away, not because he doesnt want me to be fit, or be able to complete a half marathon...he thinks that is great, and that it is a great goal. It was more the fact that he knew it would cost me some money..and that we are trying to save for a house. Neither of us are great with money, but I explained my plan, and he asked simple questions..but not in a negative way. Which made me happy, it showed that he was trying to be supportive since he knows how much I really want to do this, and do this for me, and what it would mean to me. My husband and I love eachother so much, and he shows it, which makes me so grateful and happy.

To spend a life of endless bliss, just find who you love through true love's kiss

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