Sunday, August 19, 2012

Long Run Day

What a couple days I have had...

Lets start with my last run, my 2nd maintenance run of the week. It was AWFUL! I couldnt even get through the whole thing, which I knew I wouldnt be able to from the moment I stepped on the treadmill. So I set the time for 30 minutes, thinking I can do that, and slow it down a bit. I ended up adding at least a whole minute on to me pace time, and felt like shit the whole time. For lunch I ate a Buffalo Chicken wrap, and it was deliscious, but it was still bouncing around a bit by the time I got to the gym, and then my calf hurt while running and I was just exhausted! So needless to say, it was a crappy day. As I  said on my FB status, "eat crappy = crappy run" or somthing like that...
Then I had work that night.

Then Friday, my best friend Ashley and I went to Maine to visit some friends for the day. It was a good day, and a good time. But I think I ate more than I could to close together, when we got up there we went over to Saco for Rapid Rays, and old time favorite when I was in Maine for the summers, and I just couldnt finish my food. I ordered a hot dog and some onion rings, and I was full very quickly. Then we went to Ocean Park to see and sit on the beach for a bit, then headed off for some ice cream. I had a Peanut Butter Supreme with a sugar cone. I finished it because it was sooo good, but could have dont without finishing. My tummy felt a bit rumbly after that. Then we went back to our friends house to play games and had some drinks, and I had a couple jello shots as well...not the wisest choice, but good in the moment. I wasnt driving home, which was good because I was soo tired and felt really funny the whole way home, not so much naseous, but just funky in the tummy. So we got home to MA around 10:30, I took a shower and crawled into bed.

Saturday the hubs came home from a night out with the boys in the afternoon. I went shopping and grocery shopping that day but was home before he got there. Right before he came home I had made myself and Chicken Salad sandwhich and had some chips. About 30 minutes after eating, my stomach began to hurt, and not like a normal stomach ache. It was my right side, and it wasnt really painful, but just an uncomfortable pain. That last from around 2pm-7 or 8pm. I took some tylenol at 6:30 and I think that helped. I of course spent some time trying to diagnose myself online, and it made it sound like Gall Stones. I still dont really know what that is, but if thats what it was, it went away, or at least the pain did after taking some tylenol. Before I went to bed, it felt like it was starting to some back, so I took two more and watched tv in bed and went to sleep.

Of course I was expecting to wake up early in the morning to the pain returning, but nothing. I was more nervous of it coming back because I needed to get to the gym to get my long run in to stay on track with my training.

Luckily I got to the gym, stretched out a bit, and got going. I was setting myself up to hit 5 miles today, which I knew would take a little over an hour to do. So as I set the time on the treadmill I went to set it over 60 minutes, but thats as far is it goes! I understand that is probably the gyms way of making a maximum of time someone can use it, which I know they cant set that on the treamill, but by buying treadmills that only allow that maximum of time. Anyways, so I had make sure that when I got to the end of the hour, to remember how far I had gone, then start up again!

Overall I was very happy with my time. I remained constant with my pace, especially happy after my run on thursday, and how it didnt go so well..and the past couple days of weirdness. I think my time improved a little bit as well!
So I ran 5-5.1miles...i lost track a little of the total in between having to end and restart, in an Hour and 7 minutes. That is awesome! Like I have said before, I would rather finish with a slower pace, but a pace that is constant throughout the whole race or run. I find that I am not tired, I could probably go on for another mile, but I dont want to push to hard in my training and hurt myself. I do tend to feel a little sore in the calf of my leg, but it always seems to be toward the end of my run.

This week seems to be cooling down which means I may be able to get some running outside done which will make me very happy. I am very interested to see if my pace changes or gets better since I will be at my own control of my pace/speed instead of a treadmill. It will also give me a chance to experiment with one of the settings on my RunStar app which allows you to have it notify you every so many minutes, or at a certain distance.

Well I think I have gone on long enough, but I have spared my hubby from all my ramblings, haha!

“The past can hurt, but the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.”

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