Monday, July 16, 2012

Hot to handle!

So this week is pretty much a no running week....way to hot! Plus I havent joined the gym I trialed last week yet so I can go back yet to use the treadmill. So I decided to use my HipHop Abs dvds today, did a 45min Total Body Workout! It was great, I sweated and felt good. I had the AC on, but not to low so I wouldnt feel to much of a cool.

Anyways, so I did my workout and plan on doing my DVD workouts everyday this week just to keep up some kind of stamina! I am joining the gym on friday, and will hopefully fit in a workout on friday. Then be able to get a long run in on Sunday, and two more runs next week before I head to cape cod!

What will be good is that with joining a gym I get a free hour of personal training, which I can use to my advantage in terms of getting a good training plan together for the Disney Princess Half Marathon! I want to use the Jeff Galloway training program, which I am going to bring with me and see what we can do with it! But as the weather cools, I really want to make sure I get some running in outdoors. There is totally a difference in running on a treadmill and running on pavement. I cant wait to run in the fall! Fall is my favorite season!!

No training program up yet for Jeff Galloway for the 2013 Half, but I had printed out the 2012 Half Marathon when I first found out about the Princess 1/2, so I have been trying to follow that...but I need to get a little more strict with myself in following it, which I think having a trainer in a gym help me with it I should be good!!!

But as HOT as it was today and inside our apartment, I still had to come up with something for dinner. Pork it is! And I had purchased a Grill Griddle a couple months back that I wanted to use. So I whipped up a Pork concoction and maaan was it delicioso!!! Yum Yum, so flavorful and moist! It was marinated with some Sun Dried Tomato dressing, lightly breaded, put on the grill griddle and topped with a tomato onion mix! So good..and I am not normally a huge Pork fan....I was absolutley ecstatic as I began eating it, could not get over how good it was!
I wrote it up, so if anyone would like to give it a try...just ask! as it goes, this friday I will be back on the treadmill..and as soon as the heat settles, I can do some running outside!

I plan on registering for the Princess Half Marathon in August, which then I can get my hotel and hopefully my flight settled!


"Like a cloud, you are soft. Like bamboo, you bend in the wind"

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