Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Beat the Heat

Since the heat is hard to beat...I have decided to try out a gym! Many gyms allow you to come in for a week for a free trial, and I take full advantage! So I went to Boost Fitness for the first time today for the main use of the treadmill. I did pretty good. I figure it is a good way to get my runs in and not die from heat. I was then able to use some equipment to throw in some extra fitness in there!

What I thought was really NEAT was that the treadmill had a 5k button on it! So instead of setting a time, or having to keep tabs of how far I was running, I just had to hit 5k and start, then set my pace and incline and go! I figure the best way to bump up my training is to run 3miles during my tues/thurs runs, and then the long run, whatever the schedule says..on sundays.

The only thing I ask for is support. I know I could just do a half marathon around home, but I dont want to! I want to go to Disney World, the best and most magical place on earth! I want to see the new Fantasy Land they are building! I want to run like and as a Princess! Is that to much to ask. Currently my hubby and I are talking about trying to go buy a house, we still need to go to the bank as well as actually go look at houses. So by going on this trip, I will have to spend money, money which I know I should be saving towards the house. But when I want to do something, I really want to do it!
I also want to make sure I accomplish this goal before we have children. I know I can always try to do this after I have children, and many of you well accomplished women out there are running this and have children of your own! But knowing my life it will be to hectic with children...but who knows. But I would rather do it know, knowing I can accomplish this than later. Does that make sense!??

Sooo..anyways, I am doing all I can to research making this trip cheap and affordable, and hopefully I can convince others to join me!

Is anyone else experiencing feelings like this?

"All you need is a little faith, trust, and pixie dust"

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