Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Running for Dunkins

America runs on Dunkins...that is the slogan, yes?
Well today I ran on for Dunkins.

I have two Dunkin Donuts within less than a mile of me, and the both of them are less than approx. 1/4 of a mile from each other. One of which is inside a gas station...
So I figured, what a great way to plan a run than with ending it with a trip to Dunkin Donuts for a little reward.
I use the Dunkin Donuts app, so I am able to pay with my phone which makes one less thing I have to carry with me. So I planned it out so I would get at least 2 miles in before hitting DD's

Today was definitely a better run than yesterday. I was more hydrated today and I also let my breakfast settle a bit more. The only thing I couldn't find was my patella(knee) bands. I had a bag that held a bunch of my running stuff, and I found some items, but not those. That would have been helpful, but I made it through!

I went out for a run, also wearing new capris. I got them from Walmart, which I don't typically care wear the gear comes from, as long as I works and does what I expect it to do. Well it did for the most part, but the waste band wasn't very strong or did it have much elastic to it. I actually got nervous that as I ran that they would slide down and reveal my underwear! But they did not, I pretty much was pulling on them every walk break, but I eventually forgot about it.

I try to pace myself pretty evenly when I run. This time around I found that most of the fire hydrants around town were pretty evenly spaced. So I planned my running time to every other hydrant, and only walking to the next one and repeating that for as long as I could.

I love my ice coffee. Besides a medal, this is the second best reward I could go for after finishing a race. Dunkin Donuts should have a Half Marathon. What an idea! They do say America runs on Dunkins, why not have a race and at water stops, have water, Gatorade and maybe even some coffee stops! how Amazing would that be!!!
There could be a couple different flavors to accommodate all tastes! OMG getting very excited about this idea! And the Medal at the end could be in the shape of an ice coffee! Eeek!!
 I can think of a few people who would agree, one of which is a facebook friend named Cynthia, she just turned 60 and is running 60 1/2 Marathons this year! how amazing is she!

Anyways, so I finished my run, got my coffee and then walked my way home enjoying the icey coffee-ness and a good cool down!


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  1. I love, love, love my ice coffee! I always tell race directors they need to get a coffee sponsor and replace the gatorade and water with ice cold coffee! Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, please step forward!