Thursday, April 10, 2014


Skyrobics, what is that? you ask.

Well, there are places called Sky Zone, a huge trampoline park. They have dodgeball, basketball, and just open jump. I even saw a foam pit where you can bounce from a trampoline into a pit of foam pieces. It looked awesome.
So they have groups together they pretty much are doing aerobics/boot camp type exercises on a trampoline, each person having their own individual trampoline.

this is not my group, just a picture I found online

As you can see, each person has there own bouncing space. There is one person who leads the group. We did lunges, sit ups, jogging and sprinting in place, high knees, ski jumps and a bunch of other stuff! The first twenty minutes we were doing all sorts of jumping around and then she says "ok, the warm up is almost done." Wait, that was the warm up!??
And eventually the medicine balls and stretch bands come out. There were 3 different levels for each, meaning in weight and in resistance. I of course went with the easiest I could, I am not going to lie. All I can say is my abs are going to hurt tomorrow.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone active, or even non-active. There is not pressure to continuously to the workout, if you need a break you take one. Going with a group of friends is always great encouragement and puts less stress on you.
They say you can burn up to 1000 calories! I was reading from other blogs and reviews and noticed more that have been able to calculate and it is more of an average of 600-700 calories burned. But of course this all depends on your fitness level, weight, etc.
So if you are interested in trying it out, look for a Sky Zone near you!
For Skyrobics, it is only $12 for a drop in class (it may vary depending on location). All you need is water, some workout/leisure attire and an additional $2. The extra $$ is for special socks that they require you to wear on the trampolines. Don't worry, they are brand new and for you to keep and reuse if you ever visit a skyzone again.
I would not recommend working out prior to skyrobics (unless you have a high fitness level). I made the mistake of thinking I would be ok of going for a run/walk today. I was very unaware of how intense the workout would be. I still did pretty good but I might have done better if I had not had gone running a couple hours before hand.
I do recommend it. It is tough, but who doesn't love bouncing on a trampoline! It brings out the child in you!
I was not compensated to write this review. These are my opinons.

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