Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Arm Band!!

I finally have a new arm band!! Thank you!

I am very excited to get to using it! But of course, the first beautiful days with amazing weather and I am working all day at my full time job and part time! It better this beautiful and amazing on Friday and Saturday and Sunday and so on!
With the weather being cold, wet, snowy and icy it has been tough to motivate myself back into running. I have been trying real hard by reading other runners blogs to get myself excited, but it was only temporary while reading it at night. But once the weather got nice this week I felt amazing and ready to go but unable :(

I am pretty excited since I can not only see the screen on my phone, but I can use the touch screen! It even has a slot for my key! no need to worry about jingling keys! I am very excited to use it!

Stay tuned!

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