Friday, April 11, 2014

A runner's thoughts

So I got so excited to tell you all about Skyrobics yesterday that I only mentioned my run.

In a recent post, I shared a link with a list of all these thoughts that many runners have while out on there run. I am sure we have all had our fair share of the ones on the list, and of course, one that always sticks with me is fellow runners...and of course food.

So on the route that I ran yesterday takes me along a main road in my town. And of course there is a Subway and two doors down a Domino's Pizza. Oh man did that all smell so amazing and delicious! I don't know what is worse, that or when I would run by a hot dog stand in my old town.

Then the other runners. I saw some bikers, well a family. it was one person who seemed semi-serious of a biker, but she seemed to slow down a little, which I found weird. But then two younger people followed, whom I can only assume were her offspring.

Anyways, as I was approaching my street, there was another runner sighting! Ok, so here comes that thought. Do I? or Don't I? Will she? or Wont she? Well as we got closer she maintained her focused running face, but then a thumbs up...make that two! I got so excited (on the inside) that I flashed back the thumbs up and added a smile to it!

I found it to be a great way to come to an end of my run (well almost the end). I find it provides us all with a sense of encouragement and confidence, as in, "you are doing a great job" or "you look great", "keep it up" and so on! I still remember when I went out for my first double digit run, it was Super Bowl Sunday of last year and I past a couple runners that day. One of which I remember didn't acknowledge that I existed, but I remember one who smiled and gave me verbal encouragement as well, and I returned the favor!
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No matter the distance, and of course with other runners we will never now (unless its race day) the distance they may be going, but we are a community. And a community should support one another, like a family. I do understand that a respect is due to many out there who are out there no matter the weather, and then there are some (cough::me::cough) who hide their sneakers under the covers when it snows and rains....but no matter the level of commitment, its the fact that a runner has made the commitment that day to get out and run.

So when you are out running, don't be afraid to show a smile, a wave or even a thumbs up at another runner. As embarrassing it may feel to give it and not receive it, maybe it will pay itself forward. I will hope that that runner will take the recognition that they received and pay it out on their next run, or maybe the next runner on their route they see.


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