Sunday, March 16, 2014

Running Hyatis.....

Unfortunately it has been MONTHS since my last run.
I never updated, but my last run was on Thanksgiving 2013. It was a 5k that my sister and I did together. Took it kind of slow since neither of us, especially me the runner had gone running in a few weeks...or almost a month. (since my last 1/2 marathon in September)

Plus, thank you mother nature and my life in New England it has been an awful winter! Waay to much snow...and waaay to cold!

So as much as I hated not being able to go running, it has been hard to think about getting back out there! This past week has been pretty nice out which is a great change to see! So on Tuesday, I think, I got out there and did 2 miles! I was really pretty proud of myself.

Oh! I forgot to mention I am in new running territory! My hubby and I bought a house! That was another stressful process, which being able to run I think would have helped, but with all the snow, ice and cold, that wasn't happening!
So I am trying to get myself psyched up to go running, explore the neighborhood a little....I find myself reading updates by a blogger I enjoy "Run, Eat, Repeat" as well as my Princess friends' blog in which I must congratulate her on completing her very first Marathon this year! I am so proud of her! Since I met her, she has always been full of wonderful running wisdom, preparing myself for half marathons, giving me great positive energy and just making running such a better experience!

After moving into our new home and new town, as I have driven around and gone to work a new way, I notice a sign for a 5k at the end of the month! I definitely want to sign up just to help get myself back in gear. As I pulled up to a set of lights at the beginning of the week, I noticed a sign that said "Half Marathon" and of course I saw it just as I past it, so I didn't get to see where and when!
I immediately looked it up when I got home! It is in my new town! But unfortunately it is at the beginning of April, so I don't think I will have enough to train and bring my endurance up in time to do it.

I did find another one at the end of April, which I am thinking about, but I don't know. I want to do another one soon, but I need enough time to train but I don't want to wait to long and then it is really hot out! Summer races are not ok, maybe a 5k, but that would be it!

So I really need to focus on training and running. So lets cross our fingers for amazing weather!


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