Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thoughts on your commute

Do you commute to work? Well, I am sure many of you do, but if you are lucky, it is short and sweet. In the past two months, since my husband and I have purchased a home, my commute has doubled and includes some traffic. Luckily it is nothing compared to what I could run into if I were traveling on the Mass Pike.
Anyways, I do enjoy the drive most of the time. It allows me to think of things coming that day, enjoy a little more of the morning radio show I listen to or even get a few songs from a favorite cd in.

Then there is the ride home, which I can also enjoy. It allows me to decompress from my day, especially if it was a tough one. The hard part is if I am planning on going for a run when I get home, I have the whole ride home to battle with myself. I may plan on running when I leave work, but in the time it takes me to drive home, I have somehow talked myself back in and out of the idea of going for a run.
You would think that no matter what when the weather is as beautiful as it is, I would want to go out, be outside and enjoy it! But somehow my mind has convinced me to stay in and relax.
And yes, sometimes staying in to rest and relax is fine. I always feel that there should be rest time involved, but that is considering that you are actually doing some sort of exercise movement or maybe even some heavy housework. If I find myself talking myself out of running, I tell myself it is to allow more time for housework, which of course I never do as much as I plan on.

What is even worse, is after much of the sitting around and watching tv, I feel the energy and motivation to want to go running, and well that isn't possible because it is dark out! I know there are many who run in the dark, but I don't feel safe or have the resources (i.e. body lights, reflector jackets).

I am lucky enough to have a friend with a gym membership that allows her to bring a guest anytime and as many times as she wants. So I think I will take part in that and use the dreadmill only as a way to boost my mileage in hopes that I will get myself back into the running mood and wont allow myself to talk myself out of it on my way home. I have also thought about brining my running outfits to work, change and then I will be ready to go when I get home. All I will have to do it put my purse, etc inside and then turn around and go back out!

*Have you found that having a long commute has worked against you and your exercise?
*How did you get past that?
*How did you increase your internal positivity?


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