Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Funday (stolen from Sarah at RAD)

Ok, first I am going to start off with my day. Today an old Pastor/Youth Pastor, Gary from my childhood returned to our family church to run the service and do the sermon! I have not seen this man and his family in quite some time, so it was great seeing most of them (some where just returning from vaca with her fam)
Anyways, so during the service there is always a children's time where the children in the sanctuary are invited up for a little "one on one" kind of time with the minister for some God Talk! Anyways, he began to reminisce a bit about his own daughter when she was 2 or 3 years old, we are talking around 25 years ago! Anyways at the young age she had come to him and her mom and asked "Is Miss Jean God?" I know you are wondering "who is Miss Jean?" Miss Jean was someone everyone in my generation, many before and some after interacted with for Sunday school. She is a wonderful woman who always knew what to say and how to keep us kids happy!

Anyways, so back to "Is Miss Jean God?" Well we all laughed, and then teared up a little as he, Gary of course told us how they replied "Yes!" Gary continued to say that she loves us so much and cares for us all so much, just as God does. That's when we all went into tears, especially Gary! It was the best and most touching moment of the day, neh...the week!

I then had to leave the service early to go to work, which bummed me out because I knew that there would be more happy moments to come not only during, but after the service!

Anyways, to continue on with Sunday Funday, a fellow blogger has a Sunday Funday post that I want to share. I have included the link before, it really can bring a smile to your face!
Thanks Sarah!


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