Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Half Marathon #3 ???

So I am contemplating Half Marathon #3.
And it is coming soon.
The Providence Rock N' Roll 1/2 Marathon (mini and full marathon available too) on September 29th, 2013.

The things I must consider is my financial situation. I have been trying to handle my finances and a better manner lately, and try to steady things to steady myself through the rest of the year. There is nothing like feeling like you are in a financial struggle in the winter when heating bills start to climb. And especially when trying to find a future home.
Currently the cost for the 1/2 is at $105, but I do know of a discount code that would save me $10, doesn't sound like a lot, but $10 is $10.

The reason I want to register is because #1, it sounds like fun, a fun course...at least the most fun/exciting of a course that is possible close to home that wouldn't be Run Disney! haha. I know nothing could compare, but it is nice to know that there is another race out there with some sort of on-course entertainment! #2 It seems relatively easy of a course, meaning not to hilly, or at least no extreme hills. #3 I really want to hit or even break 3 hours!

I was hoping to hit/break 3 hrs in my last 1/2, but due to the heat, that was a failure, but I was not. I finished, which is important. But I know that I can reach the goal as long as I continue to train, but I want the opportunity to do it!
If I register, I need to register soon, it sounds like something that could fill up soon, but I am not sure. So I will give myself a week to think about it, tops.

I will keep you updated with my decision, which I think you all know which choice I hope to make!


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