Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Runners Community!

While I was out for my run today I began to think. I typically use my runs to just listen to music, get out some stress and from time to time I do think about things going on.

I was thinking about the community of runners, or in general the active community. Before I became a runner, I would have never thought about running a 5k, let alone a 1/2 Marathon. Running was not something I enjoyed, but rather something I really disliked. I don't want to say that I didn't associate with others who were active, but I guess I always chose to ignore or at least pay little attention to there active-ness, except for times where Cheers and Congrats were deserved for a job well done!

Two to three years ago I did attempt some running outside and on the treadmill. I had joined a gym to try to lose weight for myself and for my wedding. I wasn't a big runner, but I thought the cardio would be a good idea to try. Plus I also was participating in a Climb for Air for the American Lung Association. Pretty much you climb up a crazy amount of flights of stairs and raise money for the ALA. Anyways, I never ran more than a mile at a time probably, and it wasn't to bad. But it never really led to anything.

I am part of that generation that tends to look for instant gratification. And we all know that is not something that can be achieved when trying to lose weight. And I know that. But anyways, I fell out of running and didn't attend the gym as much as I should. I always made excuses and barely attended the last 3-6 months of my membership. I got married in 2011, my dress fit and that is what mattered!

Then in 2012...I discovered Run Disney. I have mentioned this a few times or more in other posts, but anything that has to do with Disney is a huuuge motivator! I thought....running, in Disney, dressed like a Princess???? I could totally do this.
And that is where it all started, I bought running sneakers, I bought a hydration belt, I began to build my mileage, running 2-3x a week and then a long run!

And what I discovered was there was this whole big community of others who were just like me, a beginner looking to get going. Also in this community were veterans, others who have been where I was and could provide tips, suggestions, support and motivation! I thought "what a great place that I am in, that I have others who don't even know who I am, and they want to help me!" It doesn't matter who we are, where we are from, our profession, or even level of athleticism, but what we have in common is that we are RUNNERS!  We want to experience the runners high, sweat, eat carbs, buy fun running clothes, and of course run the race!

When you are inactive, you never realize what is out there. Many have their friends, their own support group of those who enjoy the same activities. We all experience that whether we are active or not. But the community of runners is a whole other world, and much different experience that is so powerful and great!

I could go on and on about this, and I am sure if you are a runner you share my feelings about how great it can be and how wonderful this community it is. So to end this, I want to say thank you to everyone who has been there to support me, motivate me, teach me and show me the way to becoming a runner. I still have my ups and downs, as I know even a seasoned runner does, and I appreciate the fact that there is a group I can call to to help pick me back up, whether it is on facebook, blogging, or local friends.


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