Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Post 1/2 Marathon!

It has been two and half weeks since my 2nd half marathon! Yikes!

I had planned on running at least a mile during the week following the race, but that didn't happen. My back ended up being pretty tight from not just running, but the crazy heat. Not that that was my excuse all week seeing how that only last two days.
But last week I got back onto the treadmill and did a mile, and I did pretty well. And that was it for the week. Well, I did do one Hip Hop Abs video last week as well.

Over the weekend I went to the Taylor Swift concert with my cousin, it was a good time! Carly Simon made an appearance to perform a duet, singing her famous "You're So Vein" which was awesome!!

This week was the beginning of a new week, at least that is what I have been telling myself. But I am off to a good start. Monday I ran two miles, slow...then did 30 minutes of hip hop abs. Today I only did 2 miles, and a few ab workouts, but nothing long or repetitive. Tomorrow I have to work both jobs, so there is no time for a work out. Thursday although I have some errands and cleaning to do, I am hoping to fit in a run and a video work out.

What I thought was interesting, was the difference in my runs from yesterday to today. I changed the route up a little, instead of doing two loops (Monday), today I ran part of the loop, down a hill then back up. I still did better today than yesterday.

Friday we leave for Cape Cod for the week (crossing fingers for the whole week). Since we will have to whole week instead of only a few days, I am definitely going to get some running in. My sister will be with us and will hopefully join me on a run, or going biking while I run. I actually have been thinking about trying a morning run, sometime before everyone else wakes up, then doing a couple things in the small gym at the resort we stay at then jumping into the pool! I figure that is a great way to end a workout before breakfast and a shower!

I am tempted to try running on the beach, but that might be a no-go, I might just stick to the leisurely walks on the beach, those seem to be more enjoyable. If I run on the beach, maybe I will go before sundown, it might be more scenic.

Have you run on the beach before? Did you like it, did you not? Barefoot or sneakers?


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  1. An "early" morning 3-6 mile run on the beach (barefoot) is the bomb!! Just watch for shells!!