Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy (belated) 4th of July!

So last week was the 4th of July, a very busy week I might add.
I will keep it as simple as I can. June 29th my parents, cousin and I flew down to Maryland to help my sister move back home. It was fun, tiring and a looong drive back to Mass from Maryland.
Monday, July 1st was Rich's birthday and then Tuesday was my parents 36th wedding anniversary! Yikes, an lot to celebrate! So we went to dinner on Tuesday to celebrate both.

I had my first chiropractic appointment on Wednesday, what a shock to a system that can be, and put a little more financial stress on, but I will make it ok. I had work that evening. Thursday, Rich and I went to his Mothers for a cookout/party for the 4th and to celebrate his bday with family and a few friends! it was nice!

Thursday morning before the cookout I decided to go for a run! I had purchased a running skirt to try out, and plus I needed to break in my new running sneakers! Unfortunately the picture I took of me in my skirt and sneakers wasn't able to be uploaded since I deleted it as I was uploading...woops!

You get my after shot! Boy was it hot, but I did it, and that made me happy. What I wasn't happy about was the running skirt, I thought I had found one that would have been long enough in the shorts area, but those rode up and I ended my run with a burn/chaffing on the inside of my thighs. So I washed the skirt, and even though I know I shouldn't, I am returning it, if I am not going to wear it again, I am not keeping it!

Saturday my sister and cousin came over for a little gathering...one which I cant explain now, but I will later! When they arrived, my sister and I went for a 2mile run, more like a jog I guess. We ended with a 13min pace, but it was just so hot out which made it more difficult to breathe and run easily and steadily.

Now to today. This Monday was back to work, shorter days, 5 days a week. Today I went to the gym for an easier run, and set the treadmill to the maximum time of 60 minutes. I was hoping to finish 5 miles, which would be at most a 12min/miles. And I did it! I was able to complete 5.2 miles in 60 minutes, which made me feel great. I don't think I will have that kind of stamina and endurance for the 1/2 on Sunday, but as long as I have others around me...even people I don't know running around me, I know I can do it, and the goal is to finish in no longer than 3 hours.
Finishing in 3 hours would end me with a pace of approx. 13:45min/mile. Which I think I can handle!

                                                                 Some running humor.
But you better believe that there is going to be a pretty fantastically awesome FB post if I finish in under 3 hours! And that wont be after 10 miles...but 13.1 hehe.

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