Monday, July 15, 2013

Shipyard Old Port Half Marathon

1/2 Marathon #2 in the books! I have to say it was tougher than my first, but I finished and that is what really counts! As much as I feel bad about how I had to complete it, I know I am not alone and that makes me feel better, and I feel good about doing it and don't regret it! I have some thoughts to share and then some pictures I will share!

So once we arrived at the race, it was kind of a race to get to packet pick up and a bag check sort of thing, then to get in line! My friend Ben, who is a faster runner than I, was telling me that we were going to start together in the 9:30 pace group, I then replied by laughing in his face..but then found myself there anyways. I think that could have be a contributing factor to the way I felt...but whatever. So from the start my knee also was bothering me, both of them. Not in pain, but just a weird annoying feeling. Which when I asked the medical tent at the finish they said it was probably my knees spasming..which I have never least not constantly for 6 MILES!
The worst was after mile two we began to ascend a huge hill that I will never be a fan of. Instead of walking, it felt more like a climb...

It is hard to tell a bit, but all up the road is only PART of the hill...the rest continues to climb up through that park up ahead.

But I made it up, got to a water stop and continued to walk myself through the fatigue and then run downhill at a point.

We then met up with mile 5, which thank goodness for a port-a-potty! Having to pee affected me a bit, but I didn't really have time when I first got to the race to go, so that didn't help either. While in line, I started talking to two girls who I had seen for a while. They invited me to run a 3min run/2min walk pace with them. I was all for it, but my knees weren't.

So this is where I feel disappointed. At mile 6, after passing the start/finish line area, I decided to walk to mile 7 in hopes of running again. Well...that didn't really pan out. From then on I was A LOT! I couldn't help it, it was so hot...and not having much shade along the course wasn't helpful. I did get to see some pretty sights, but I was feeling down on myself about walking, and tried to run here and there when I felt good enough too, especially if there was any down hill parts...that made things easier.

As I had said in a previous post, I was hoping to finish in 3 hours maximum, but I finished in 3:21:27. I will take it. I wasn't the only one who slowed down. People who normally finish in 90min, finished in 2 hours. I wasn't the only one who pretty much walked the last 4 miles either, which helped me regain some confidence in my wise choice, and I am glad I did and didn't end up being on of the 5+ people who were sent to the hospital for heat exhaustion! So I have to say that I am not disappointed, but only wished that I could have run more of the course than walked! And I am sure I am not alone in that thought!

I would have to say that if it is cooler, I would do it again! Which is a good feeling!

Enjoy the photos!

Laying out the night before!


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  1. A Finish is a Finish whether you walk, run or crawl!! Remember that and be proud.
    You earned that medal with every step!
    You Rock Stephanie!!