Sunday, November 25, 2012

Turkey Day!! (Race recap)

So if you have been reading along, you know that on Thanksgiving my sister and I ran a Road Race in the morning before turkey time!

I have to say it was the best race I have done to date. I think it helped having someone to run with that I knew, as well as not being one of the last to finish!!

Here are pictures from our day...starting the the starting line. This was a gathering of roughly 1300 people!!

I have yet to do a race that big! I still am having trouble trying to imagine the 16,000 some odd women (and some men) in the Princess 1/2 in February...(which is now 100% FULL!!!)

My sister and I (below) before the race as we make our way to the back area of the start group. They set up areas
for people to line up in in terms of how long know/think
it will take them to finish the race. I didnt even notice it
until we started running!

Dont know if you can tell...but we are waving!

The Road Race Map!
And here we are after out dramatic finish ( we leaped for joy over the finish line!)
And here are our official times!!
Place Name                    City   Bib No Chip Time Gun Time Time Back Total Pace
988 Courtney Stevens   MD     886         39:19.0      40:07.4     20:09.0 12:56/M
989 Stephanie Nartowt   MA     710         39:19.3      40:07.6     20:09.3 12:56/M
 I am not really sure what the "Gun Time" and "Time Back" means...but hey, it was awesome! I was wildly impressed by my sister who is not a runner...and was able to keep up with me! I told her to let me know anytime during the race if we need to slow down, walk or whatever because I know she wasnt used to it. But she kicked butt!! Having her there with me made it so much fun and made it go by so fast!!

After the finish, we enjoyed a mini cupcake or two and made our way home for a shower and to get ready for Thanksgiving! I hope everyone had a wonderful day and great time with family and loved ones!

Did you run on Thanksgiving? Was it in a race or alone?


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