Monday, December 3, 2012

Quick update!

Here is just a quick update, or at least I think it is going to be quick.

#1. The house I really liked and we looked at twice, is now off the market! Bummer! :( But i guess I shiouldnt be to upset about something that I never really had. Case closed.

#2. Looked at another house on saturday. Nice space, it looked good. But I am not wild about the area. It isnt a bad neighborhood, some streets over it is, and can be, but even the street is a little close together, it had a great backyard and all the houses have their own fences set up around the yards and what not. So we will see, and we are going to set up to see two more houses, probably over the weekend.

#3. I added to my mileage!!!! On Sunday I was determined to get out there and stay on track.
There are only 80...thats right 80 DAYS until the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon weekend! Thats it!! Holy Cow!!
According the Galloway Training Calendar for the Princess 1/2, I am right on schedule. I totally could have been ahead of schedule if I didnt slack off and keep running only 5 miles on my long run days. But I did it. And now I am just nervous about doing 8 miles in two weeks. For my long run next week I am suppose to do 3miles with a Magic Mile, but I feel like I should just jump the gun and do 7 again just to keep myself up above water! I do 3miles at least twice a week, so I feel like I am pulling myself down by doing a long 3mile. I am not a huge fan of the magic mile, even though I know it will help me improve, but I just cant stand the track. Its 10x worse than a treadmill to me!
Anyways, my biggest issue is that My left thigh is bothering me on my outside the groin area. It hit my before mile 2...which stunk! But I kept on truckin! I pushed through, it was a little on the slow side, but I did it! I only lost about 1 minute (estimate) on my pace time, but I am expecting that since I am still not used to the longer distance.
But I still finished in 1hour and 34 minutes! I am pretty happy with that! I figure with they way I am going, I should be able to do 10 hours in roughly 2 hours as long as my pace gets worked down over time as I continue to up my mileage!

#4. Dropped two pounds! It has been a couple weeks since I have lost any weight!!
Biggest Loser update10/22/2012 - 171 lbs
10/31/2012 - 167 lbs
11/5/2012 - 168.5 lbs
11/13/2012 - 165 lbs
11/19/2012 - 165lbs
11/26/2012 - ??
12/03/2012 - 163lbs

So that is my update for now!!

"TTFN. Ta Ta For Now!"

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