Thursday, December 6, 2012

Venting Session!

So I dont know what is up with me, but ever since Monday I feel like I have been in a bad mood!

I went for my 7 mile run on Sunday, and that was all good.
Monday, I was suppose to go to a meeting at church, and bailed instead...yes, i let someone know!

Anyways, I just feel like I have been carrying this attitude around, which I hate, but I cant help it.

So Tuesday I had work both jobs, and I felt really blah...not sick, just meh. I went to the gym on wednesday....boobs hurt!!! I dont know if this is TMI but when I got in the shower on Monday ( i think) and I notice something on the underside of both my breasts...almost like I got a cut, but I think it was from the friction of my sports bra on Sunday. So anyways, as I began my run on Wednesday..and as the girls began to bounce...they began to yell at me to stop, and I did...

So I decided I still need some cardio, so I hopped on the eliptical, and of course the one I jump on has some sort of squeak to it. (ANNOYING).

So when I went to the gym today, I decided...oh well, I need to run. So I only did 20minutes. The other issue, is now my left calf hurts. Why is it always my left leg!? So that was bothering me allll day, and it made me nervous about ice skating today (all the students went for adaptive skating, went very well and was fun!!!)...and I was nervous about running. I was ok, but anything outside of that, my calf is uncomfortable.

Anyways, so I feel like my mood kind of goes up and down...just to not to far up. I am not getting my period for another 2 weeks, from what I remember...if I am getting it next week, well then that would explain it a little more. But I dont normally feel this rediculous a whole week away, its normally the weekend of two days before!

Anywho...I guess in the end, I need a better and more supportive sports bra, some chocolate, and a few laughs. But I am trying really hard to eat well, I want to lose two more pounds or more by Monday in order to reach my 10lbs lost goal...and hopefully I can lose a lot more quickly!!! If I can lose 4 pounds in the first week, I can do it again!


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