Monday, November 5, 2012's cold out there...

...There's still some runners in the atmosphere!

Yea thats right...good ole New England, time to be cold!

Sunday was Daylight Savings Time, our "fall back" which was nice...but I didnt sleep any longer than usual. I was awake by 7:30, or at least my eyes were open. I ended up falling back asleep at 10 and slept until 11:30, in time to get ready for work.

Anywho..Monday came this morning, and went to usual. It was a pretty good day.

Today was week 3 of our Biggest Loser competition at work. This was our 3 weigh in, including the initiail weigh in. Well there is really good news and some tiny bad news. When I weighed in last Wednesday (we lost 2 days due to Sandy) I had lost 4 pounds according to the scale!!! But even better, I was told that the scale was off by a 1lb, meaning I really lost 5!!!
Then today, I got to work with a fear that I gained it all back. I ate some Buger King this weekend, went out for dinner on Friday...and didnt exercise on the weekend. But I only gained 1.5 pounds back!!

10/22/2012 - 171 lbs
10/31/2012 - 167 lbs
11/5/2012 - 168.5 lbs

I will keep it up to date as I can each week. I will not hide, I am not ashamed of my weight, because I know that I still look good even though I have a high weight!

So anyways, I came home and was determined to go for a run, and I did, just not as long as I was planning on. First of all...again, thanks to Daylight Savings, it gets darker earlier, so I didnt get out until almost 4, so I was only able to get a little over 3.5 miles, not bad.
I bundled up of course, with some gloves and some kind of ear/head band thing that kind of snaps around the back of your head. I also had long compression pants on and a Reebok insulated compression top. I feel like I might need some warmer pants though, as much as I was running, there were still times when they were pretty cold.
This may be TMI, but I would think that running in cold weather, certain areas of the body would not have become so warm and well, sweaty as it can be when someone exercises.

How do you bundle up in the cold for a run?
Any tips for running in the cold/winter?

"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."


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