Sunday, June 23, 2013

Run for a Beer!

This past week I was ready to get back on track. I ran 8 miles on Wednesday before the Bruins game. The run was long, it wasn't bad, but it wasn't good. It was mediocre, but I did it.

Then Friday I decided to do a somewhat local 5k, the Run for Beer! What better motivation than running and getting a free Beer at the end with a free pint glass!

So it started at 5:45 and I got there at 5:15, just in time to register and be able to go to the bathroom! I wasn't able to get a shirt because they ran out and are ordering more, but I then have to either drive an hour over to get it, or find someone who lives nearby to pick it up for me!

So I got in the back of the group for the race and waited for the start. And we went off, and I felt pretty good. I set my running app to go, and shut off the "alarms" for when I reach certain distances such as every mile, I could have the app tell me my pace and how long I have been running for. The crummy part is, as I was reaching what I was hoping somewhere near 2 miles (they only signs for mile 1 and 3)...and I went to check my running app, and as I looked at my screen it read "congratulations, you have completed your workout!' and I was like, whaaaa???? So what I did was instead of choosing the Free Run option on the app, I hit Distance Run which was set for 1.9 miles. So I just had to keep going, obviously...and obviously I had hit mile 2. Which then  made me wonder. Where is the water? Is there a water stop? I asked and someone said, "I don't think so." How can that be! Its hot, and there are two hills...and NO WATER!??? I was lucky to have remembered a tip my friend Nicole told me, and that was to chew gum during a 5k to keep my mouth salivating and then I wouldn't need to carry water and be able to make it to a water stop.

So that made it more difficult, not having water, two hills and heat. I don't think it was any hotter than 80, but a lot of direct sunlight. But my goal was to finish under 40minutes and I did!

Place:322Bib #:445Name: NartowtStephanieTime: 39:31.9  

So now I must continue on with my training for the 1/2 Marathon in July!
On Saturday I also participated in a Boot camp class in the AM, which was really good! It was tough, and I am sore, but I did it! I then spent the rest of the day walking in Boston, in hopes of stretching my muscles, and then watching the Bruins game. It was an overall good and tiring day!


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