Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Back Pain = No exercise

So this morning, some of the students I work with participated in Yoga. Every Wednesday a small group of students with staff do yoga, nothing extensive. It really is just a box of cards with different poses on it, and the students each take turns leading each other in trying to pull of each position. it can be quite hilarious at times!
We have one student who is in a wheel chair that likes to stand in order to participate, which means a staff needs to stand and hold him up. He does stand on his legs, so the staff is really support so he doesn't fall over. Well today I was holding on to the student, and he bent over for a position, and then as he came back up, I bent up with him and pulled something! It was not very pleasant, and not his fault, I just wasn't being very careful!
It was pretty sore all morning, I took some ibuprofen at lunch and it didn't help. So when I got home, around 3:20, I took a muscle relaxer that my doctor prescribed last year for back spasms, etc. Well that has worked either. I ended up just taking a nap. It was nice, but when I woke up, then sat up...oh boy. It hurt to walk! Which is not good.
I ended up laying on my back on the floor, with my legs in the air to help. The pain is still there and now I am trying to ice on and off. I really hope it goes away by tomorrow. If not, I will fill out an incident report at work just because, even though it was no ones fault but my own!

So of course that meant not going to the gym today, like I had planned.

Bah! I don't like it, it is very uncomfortable!


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