Tuesday, May 28, 2013

To Move Onward

So the hubby and I have been on a little bit of a house hunt. We took a break for about two months and then things started popping up on the market. Well Sunday something wonderful popped up and we knew we would have to jump on it.
Well we were going to try to do something yesterday but things weren't always confirmed right away so we had something set up for today. Well on my way home from work, I was notified that it was off the market. Someone made an offer and it was accepted by the seller. Boo Hoo.... I am disappointed, but I never even got to look at it. So we are trying our best to stay positive.

So when I got home I knew I needed to go running since it had been about a week, but I was feeling frustrated, so that motivated me a little bit more! So I would say being positive isn't always the top motivator, but sometimes feeling negative and frustrated can be a motivator as well. Running is great way to go out and be yourself, be with your thoughts and thoughtless! It also is a great way to get out your pent up energy or just a way to boost your ongoing positive energy!

(Update) After I hit "publish" I was on facebook and someone had shared/posted this:

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