Sunday, May 19, 2013

Running a double!

Today was my day for doubles!
Two 5ks in one day!

It started with a rough morning...after a fun night out to celebrate a friends graduation with her Masters degree!

I toughened up, got dressed and took a ride out with a couple friends to the first of two 5k's.
We got there, registered and got our "swag" which was pretty lame aside from the shirt.
This 5k was for LUK, Inc which is a non-profit for youth and families.

This was the first 5k ever last year, and thought there couldn't be a better way to "celebrate" a year of running that by doing it again! So it was at the same place with the same route. Although, the thing that was different this year was the crowd. It was a lot smaller this year. It was one of those races that when you pre-register, the first 100 get a tech shirt, and everyone else normally will get a cotton tee like I did last year. This time, my friends and I arrived and got bib # 69, 70 and 71 as well as a tech shirt each!

My mom and sister even came for support, the hubs was in CT for a golf tournament.
It was nice to have someone to run with. My friend Ben was going for a good time and he runs a bit faster, so he went ahead. His girlfriend and I kind of played tag. We started out side my side, which was great! Then I was ready for my first walk break, she kept running on which was fine. But once I started up again I would catch up to her and pass her. Eventually I would walk, she would pass me and would start the dosey doe all over again.
I was pleasantly pleased to hear my first mile to have been ran in roughly 11minutes and so many seconds. My pace did slow as expected, but I don't think I ever paced over 12 minutes, or maybe I did in my last, but still came out with an average pace under 12!! I was stoked, and I keep saying it and I believe it, that it was a PR!! (at a race)

Then it was time to relax, eat something then move to the next race! My friend and his gf wanted to go home and get their dogs for the second one, which was awesome! So they had their dogs and just walked the second one.
The second was for the Central Mass Housing Alliance at Elm Park. It was such a great day for all of this running!
My sister ran this one with me. It started off with a feeling of nausea, then a cramp. So there was a lot more walking, but still ended in good time. Thanks to multiple water stops, the cramp went away, which made things a lot easier and the run more enjoyable.

When we finished, I just wanted to drop to the ground and take a nap! But I kept moving, stretching and waited for my friends to finish! They did and awesome job and had a great story. Apparently their dog Lilly felt the need to take a poop while they were the middle of the rotary that we all had to pass through/around for the course. So we all had a good laugh about it!

We gathered ourselves and went home. I took a shower, put on comfy clothes then snuggled up in bed with a little snack and tv. I ended up napping for maybe 1/2 hour.

I am still pretty tired, and hope to update you with some photos my mother took, but I will have to wait until those are uploaded and shared! So come back soon and look for them!

"you've got a friend in me."

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