Monday, May 6, 2013

Race Calendar.....including 1/2 #2

I have been itching for some races, mostly 5k's but I wouldn't mind a 10k just to keep me going...but I also have been wanting to participate in another 1/2 marathon!

A week ago a couple girls from work and I participated in a 5k for Autism Awareness! One used to run 3 miles a day a few years back, so she was just getting back into it, and the other had been getting to the gym but has been struggling with running. So I figured this is something we are doing together, and it isn't about time it is about raising Awareness for Autism!

So we met up at the site of the road "race" and met up with a couple of friends of one of my friends...are you following that? We all waited around and then lined up together around at the start...well in the back of the start group. Then we started off strong, but tried to keep a comfortable pace for the three of us. My friend S ended up having some trouble with Shin Splints....her shoes didn't help, but we tried our best and she pushed.

Eventually S was slowing down a little, my friend K and I did our best to try to stay with her. K and I eventually pushed on, but still at a slow and steady pace with walk breaks in between. We felt bad leaving S behind, but we knew she could do it. K and I reached the finish line and 2 minutes later S followed!
All in all it was a successful day for all, and a 1st for S and K who completed their first official 5k! It was great being able to do something like this together!

In two weeks, 5/19 I am pulling double duty!
Two 5k's in one day! I know...its really just a 10k...haha, but split into two races! So I guess I get a 10k in, with a break in between!
The very first 5k I did was a year ago, and I figured what a great way to celebrate a year of running by running it again! Then I found out that the youth at my church is participating in a walk/run for Homeless on the same day!
I thought hmm, I wonder what time it is at! The first one, Luk Inc is at 11am and the Homeless 5k (CMHA) is at 2! What perfect timing!

In June there is a 5k walk/run, the Southie5k in Boston for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. The date is undetermined right now. It originally was Sunday, April 28th but it was postponed due to the overwhelming response of sign ups (which then led me to the autism resource 5k with my friends instead). So I just received an email stating that it will be either June 2 or 9th, which is good because I don't have any other conflicts those least none that I am aware of!

Then comes the not that #2.....but my 2nd Half Marathon! I feel a little crazy. Not because it will be my 2nd, but because it is in the middle of July, in Maine with very little shade. And from what I have been reading the weather is pretty warm. I mean I live in Massachusetts so I know how the weather can be. But I need to get in gear and train in the heat! I avoided that as much as I could last summer when training for Princess by joining a gym...but then it was tough training in the cold!

It is the Shipyard Old Port Half Marathon in Portland, ME. I am very excited about it! I have a very busy weekend though. The day before is my mom's bday, and then I am going to have to drive up to Maine with the hubby, and meet a few friends up there as well who are participating in the 1/2 or 5k.

All I know is that I keep studying the course map, reminding myself how close together water stops are, asking questions on their facebook page about different things and just trying to get myself prepared. One way is to actually go running, which I have been failing to do as often as I should.

I think I have mentioned in a post about having a running friend, and I have one at work. One of the other girls I work with is trying to get into running since she has a running Husband and wants to build on that. So it is nice to be able to get a run in with her, even if its a 1 mile or 2 miles.

So let the training begin, again!

"If your heart is in your dream, no request is no extreme"


  1. Geaux Stephanie!!!!
    I am so proud of you for signing up for another Half!!! WOW I am inspired now!!!
    Now since your doing a Half in JULY there is a couple keypoints I have to make sure you are aware of:
    1. Train!! Get your plan together start a running log , grab friend and get it!!!!
    2. As you train USE SUNBLOCK- & the sweat proof kind. Get you a visor and some light weight sunglasses...
    3. Eat healthy especially a couple weeks prior to the race. Lots of veggies and lots of fruit to help you with hydration..
    4. Yes, study the race course and know where the water stops are. If you have to wear a hydration belt during your training runs and the actual race since it is July..
    5. HYDRATE a couple weeks prior to the race , especially the week of and AFTER. It will help you not feel lethargic during and after the race and will help prevent muscle cramping..
    6. Speaking of muscle cramping. Experiment with SALT. Packets of salt from fast food places. Carry them with you for your long runs and you races when its warm. I dont know much about this subject so you will need to read up on it but please do so.
    7. Experiment with your race clothes. Lighter the better and dry wick. Wear light colors also
    8. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!! Dont set a time goal for your July race. Especially if its warm. The goal is to FINISH!!!!

    1. Thanks Nicole! I really appreciate the tips and encouragement! I cant wait for it and to write about it!