Tuesday, May 21, 2013

1 Year (+) Later!!!

In my previous blog I talked about the 2 5k's I ran in ONE day! I didn't have any pictures to share at the time so here they are!

But first I want to show you something that I think is so AHHHMAZING!
I began running because I found out about the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon, and knew that was it, I had to do it! I was never much for running, but thought "how freakin fun will this be!?" I also thought that this was the greatest way to get healthier, eat healthier and lose some weight. But weight loss was never my #1 goal, but more of a secondary benefit!

So I started running short distance on my street and found my first 5k! Boy was it rough, but I made it through! Well, a year has passed and that same 5k came around again, and it felt really important to me to participate again in what started the ball rolling in my running journey....
Seven 5k's, Two 10k's and one 1/2 Marathon later!

 And as you can see...I have made many improvements!
My first 5k time was 46:08
My 6th (1st of 2 of the day) was 37:00...almost 10 minutes difference!!

So here is the start of my day at the LUK, Inc Run, Walk, Stroll 5k with two friends!

Below is after the start of the race with two small hills ahead of us!

Here is my sister and I  at race #2 of the day. The Central Mass Housing Alliance 5k for the Homeless. My two friends from the 1st race came along as well with their 2 dogs and walked. The Dogs were awesome, one of which did her 5k as well!

All in All an Awesome day!

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