Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Slacking off much?

These past couple weeks I feel like a slacker..but I find that I have good reason.

#1. I work a full time job AND a part time job. So when I work my part time job in the evening, it doesnt leave a lot of time to run or exercise. (luckily my part time job involves a LOT of walking around)
#2. well...I guess there is only 1 reason, haha. I just wish I had the energy to get up and go run or even to the gym in the morning before work.

I am doing really well at getting my long run in, which so far, the longest has been 5.5 miles. I find that once I get past a certain distance, the rest kind of just plays itself out smoothly. I get tired a little bit, and soreness comes and goes in my right leg mostly, but as long as I keep going ( and taking walk breaks every once and a while) it just feels like going with the flow.

Today was my one short run of the week, and it was only 3 miles. I find that I have mentioned this before, but those three miles always seem tougher than doing more, but I guess that is the threshold I have to get by in order to just be able to go!

Anyone else have those slacker moments? How do you get past it?

"A dream is a wish your heart makes'

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