Sunday, September 23, 2012

Busy Bee

I feel as if I have been neglecting you!

Sorry if I have, I dont mean to! I have been super busy this week working, getting in my runs/exercise, and preparing for the Vendor Fair that I had today!
Plus last week I was away for a night in Maine, then sunday Rich was playing at the Harvard Fall Festival. So I got to spend time with some friends and family. It was nice.

The vendor fair was to benefit the Tyler Foundation, for families and children with epilepsy! So I have been putting myself to work for the past 6+ Months on putting together a lovely display of jewelry! You can check me out at my facebook page for Sass&Class! I have pictures posted and want to spread the word. I am really hoping to find a few more craft fairs to display/sell my items. I hope this will be a great way to raise some more money for my trip to 5th Annual Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon!!

Speaking of Princess 1/2's 54% full! There are only 151 days left!! The price just went up to register as well!! If you havent signed up yet and are thinking of signing up....STOP THINKING....JUST DO IT!!!

I've been trying really hard to get back to the gym, and get my three runs in a week. Because my schedule has been all over the place, I have had some trouble keeping up, but am doing my best, still getting 2 runs in a week. For my long run, I only ran 4miles last week. I went to the gym on Friday and ran a "5k" on the treadmill, and got my treadmill time down to a 12:45min pace, but I will say that I am a bit slower than that since I have a feeling the treadmill is off by a little bit in terms of distance.

My 4 mile run, I was not feeling it at all! I pushed through and got it done, but not up to the standards I would like to be holding myself too. Next week is my first I am pretty excited and hope that I am feeling good and can keep my pace to around 13:30min/mile.

This week I am excited to say that I start a new part time job, ridding of one...I will start at the Yankee Candle part time, obviously still have my full time job. I just needed something a bit more calm and less stressful. I also am going to the bank for a pre-qualification for a mortgage!

Rich and I are ready to get out of this apartment and get our own place....our own Home! So hopefully this will push things along. We have been talking about going to the bank for a long time, but pushing it back and back because of all the paper work we have to get together in order to go to the bank. Rich isnt as organized as I am, so his paperwork has been a bit harder to get, but we have it and its ready to go!

That's my little update!

"Believe you can. Then you will."

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